We have decades of specialism in successfully designing and delivering high profile audio systems in a wide range of commercial spaces across the UK.

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If you need help with the design, supply and installation of an audio system for a conference centre across several multi-use rooms, or you're after a high-powered high-quality audio system for a boutique gym or nightclub - if sound matters, then Crossover have the expertise you need.

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Multizone Audio Systems

Powerful and user-friendly control is essential where spaces have multiple areas that need to quickly adapt to different uses or varied occupancy. 

Crossover can design highly versatile bespoke audio systems with distinct zones that can deliver this functionality as well as integrating with external systems such as fire alarms.

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Conference Centres and Events Spaces

Installed Audio Systems for Event Spaces and Auditoria

Spaces that host large audiences present special audio challenges. No two are alike in terms of sound performance, but they all need to deliver high-quality audio with clarity and evenness, whether presenting a single lecturer, panel discussion or full orchestra. 

Both our bespoke new solutions and our systems upgrades balance even the quirkiest of natural acoustics, with user-friendly operation and great care for aesthetics, focusing all ears on the talent on stage.

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Background Audio Systems

Music transforms spaces – and how their customers feel about them. Retail spaces, restaurants, hotels, gyms and spas are just some businesses that can significantly improve the experience they give their customers with the right soundtrack, through the ideal audio system.

Crossover is ready to help build your success with expert audio system design, installation, calibration, ongoing support and even music content curation.

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Live Sound Systems

Today’s live music audiences expect the very best in sound production, so whether you run an international concert arena or an intimate venue, you need power, clarity and even audio dispersion. 

Our pedigree in designing and delivering world-class live set-ups speaks for itself, and we work closely with architects, main contractors, and interior designers to give you the best sound possible within the available budget.

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Foreground Audio Systems for Nightclubs & DJ Bars

Crossover’s nightclub and DJ bar clients and their customers have some of the most discerning ears out there. 

Our world-class in-house audio commissioning engineers have won a sector-leading reputation in the UK, designing and installing systems that deliver the best possible sound for the available budget. They’re tough too, performing night after night, however hard the DJs and crowd push them. 

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Outdoor Audio Systems

Airports, shopping complexes, sports stadiums – all of these and more need outdoor audio systems that can withstand the worst the weather can throw at them and still deliver clear, consistent sound. 

At Crossover, we have a proven track record in installing high-performing all-weather systems with outstanding, legally compliant weather-resistant components in built environments of every size, with centralised or local controls. 

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Wireless Microphone Systems

As part of an audio or AV system, wireless microphones are a game-changer in host-audience interactivity, from the boutique gym to the large auditorium. 

Whatever the scope of your needs, we can specify, install and calibrate your ideal wireless microphone system that delivers great sound and is easy to use. We can also manage your wireless licensing compliance. 

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Networked Audio Systems

Streamlining just makes life simpler. And as the worlds of audio and IT converge ever closer, Crossover’s audio networking specialists are perfectly placed to help you reap the benefits. 

We can seamlessly incorporate many audio and AV devices into an IT network for easy monitoring and control, enabling you to instantly process audio at multiple different locations, making expansion virtually limitless. 

Bicester Villiage
Bicester Village

Outdoor Pubic Address Systems for Bicester Village

BBC Media City

PA & Audio System for BBC Auditorium

The Shard
Oblix, The Shard

Luxurious multi-zone audio system for high-end restaurant.

Barrys Boot camp
Barry's Bootcamp

Nightclub-style sound and instructor vocals for multi-site boutique fitness operator.

Mercato deli with speakers
Mercato Metropolitano

Indoor and outdoor music system for thriving 45,000 sq ft London market

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