Unified Communications

unified communications

The goal of Unified Communications (UC) is the smooth integration of different communication methods and tools, so that employees have flexibility and freedom to choose how they connect together. Consequently the business maximizes efficiency in its communications and collaborations. Crossover are early adopters of the UC mindset and can guide you on the available UC options, working towards a fully-integrated communications network sitting at the heart of your organisation.

Employees need to converse and share without dealing with, or even worrying about, platform compatibility issues. Ideally, separate individuals within your organisation should be able to choose which communication method and which tool from which supplier best suits their needs at any given time; phone, email, instant messaging, web conferencing and screen share, videoconferencing, VoIP, voicemail, SMS... This should also be possible regardless of their particular location, whether they are sat at their desk or in a group meeting room, working remotely from home, from a client site or working on the move using their smartphone.

Crossover can deliver all elements of a UC environment for your business, working closely with your IT and facilities teams. Our expertise in this complex field means we are perfectly placed to guide your company through the process of embracing Unified Communications as a concept, and help you stay astride of changes in technology that can revolutionise communications in your organisation and deliver huge increases in productivity. 

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videoconferencing video wall

Videoconferencing is an increasingly fundamental part of modern business interaction, with the capacity to save on the time and travel expense usually associated with bringing people together to present and develop ideas and content.

To help navigate the complexity of feature sets and solutions on the market, Crossover bring a breadth of experience gained from equipping a wide range of videoconference and meeting environments. We can supply, install and support the technology which delivers best for your budget, organisational structure, existing technology preferences, building / room layouts, functional requirements, and anticipation of your future needs.

Tailored to scale, we will assess the need for displays, microphones and room cameras, as well as the appropriate interfacing for laptops and other media devices, in order to provide the perfect solution for the specific meeting space.

Whilst this is powerful technology, the solutions we deliver are typically no more complicated than a modern smartphone, and where additional complexity is involved our team are available to help with staff training.

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Audio Conferencing

boardroom table with goosenecks

Poor quality audio conferencing impairs the flow and momentum of a business meeting, detracting from the power of this technology to facilitate efficient communication and collaboration.

From the available technology options, Crossover will select the most appropriate elements for your organisation’s requirements, and combine them to deliver an audio conferencing environment that has the clarity and reliability needed for effective conference communication.

If required we can also implement measures to reduce acoustic problems and noise, or provide on-going maintenance and technical support.

Case Study

Audio conferencing in the modern office, epitomized with style by Crossover for Cicero

Touch-Enabled Displays

Interactive AV

Crossover can guide you through the very considerable range of options for touch-screens and touch-enabled display solutions, taking advantage of decades of experience in successfully incorporating these devices into our AV systems integration projects for many high profile clients.

Whether mounted on a wall, within a kiosk display or weatherproof housing, on a boardroom meeting table or lectern, a touch-enabled display can fulfil many purposes and functions:

  • Increased engagement with your brand and message when used with digital signage
  • Control of all elements of an integrated audiovisual, audio or videoconferencing system
  • Room scheduling; functionality to manage room bookings, signage to visually indicate room availability (thus easy to see from a distance)
  • Interactive wayfinding screens, helping visitors to navigate through a facility
  • Interactive Pen Displays (IPDs) can be employed on a lectern or on a meeting table for greater interactivity with presented material, allowing the presenter to annotate digital media and content in the traditional ‘free hand’ style of a whiteboard presentation
  • Users can self-serve and interactively explore information, complete transactions or browse the internet, for example checking themselves in when they arrive at their gym, or checking availability and product ingredients within a retail store

As touch-functionality has become more prevalent, increasingly people expect to find this functionality (at their fingertips).  

Crossover also have a dedicated team of digital content specialists, who will design and implement the actual content for any type of bespoke touch-screen, however simple or complex your needs. Read more about our Digital Content creation services here

Case Study
Ferrari 2

A touch-enabled 'configurator' at Ferrari helps clients experiment with custom designs in real-time



A visualiser is a device that allows you to show your audience close-up video and still images of objects, in real-time, and to a level of detail that wouldn't be possible with an audience size of more than a couple of people. This can make for much more engaging presentations, lectures, training sessions, aid collaboration sessions, or help captivate a classroom. Place the object on the visualiser’s ‘bed’, and the digital camera(s) will auto-focus and then relay the signal to your projector or flatscreen. 

A visualiser can be used to capture images of 3D objects or something that’s largely ‘flat’ but not easily scanned, such as microscope slides or text from a delicate or oversized book. The flexible zoom range means you can show objects the size of a basketball or even zoom in to a single punctuation mark. All this is captured in in Full High Definition resolution, with rich colours. You can chose in real-time what viewing angles to show to your audience, what to zoom in on, and then share these images instantly throughout the course of the session, along with the option to record and save images to recall for use later on.

Interactive Whiteboards

interactive whiteboard smart

Interactive whiteboards (often referred to as ‘SMART boards’) and other related interactive display systems are the next leap forward from the conventional flip-chart, whiteboard/blackboard and current business standard - the ‘Powerpoint’ presentation.

The interactive whiteboard adds further dimensions of interactivity and audience engagement. You can use it to write notes in multi-coloured digital ink over a digital slideshow, which can then be easily saved to the presenter’s computer for review or distribution later. It’s also possible use the device just like a large touch screen, to move, scroll and scale the display, ‘right click’, or even ‘lasso’ selections on screen, all through the use of familiar gestural controls such as the swipe and pinch-to-zoom movements that have become next-to-intuitive to most through use of smartphones and tablets.

Further, multiple devices can work interactively via an associated app, and the workflow can be easily integrated with a Skype meeting or other conferencing tools for real-time long-distance collaboration.


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Case Study
Healix Boardroom

Read about a successful integration of interactive whiteboards in a modern AV install by Crossover