We can bring your ideas to life.

Exciting and innovative audiovisual technology to engage your audience.

If you’re looking to capture your customers' interest with the latest AV technology, empower staff to work collaboratively in new ways, or need to break new ground with your AV project, Crossover can help shape your brief, design an innovative solution and realise your vision with the right technology and meticulous installation. 

Interactive AV

Interactive AV

Want to take customer engagement to the next level? Interactive AV systems let you entertain, inform and gather feedback from your audience in real time, and give your customers unique and memorable experiences. 

Our specialists can take as detailed or open a brief from you as you’d like. We can a range of interactive AV solutions to meet your needs, including display touchscreens and projectors, sensor-controlled response systems, multi-touch tablet apps and much more, letting you create unique, personalised interactions that magnetise savvy customers to your brand.


Experiential AV

Today’s stand-out brands know that innovative user experiences grow loyal audiences, and few tools are more impactful and versatile than experiential AV. 

Crossover has conceived and delivered outstanding custom experiential AV systems for world-leading companies. Our expert engineers have designed and installed touchscreen walls, simulators, directional audio installations and large-scale projection mapping to thrilling effect. And we’ve generated the media content for many experiential AV setups too, often starting with an open brief.

Special Projects

Responsive AV

From automatically adjusting ambient lighting and sound to captivating audiences with custom immersive displays, responsive audio and AV systems have a wide range of creative and functional capabilities. 

We are experts in adapting motion-sensing responsive AV technology to our clients’ diverse needs, seamlessly integrating it with everything from office lighting to multi-speaker sound systems to bespoke visual displays. We can help with ingenious creative concepts too.  


Immersive and interactive 'Innovations Centre' at SAP's UK HQ.

LUSH Shopfront

Our bespoke 'social signage' feature-display for Lush allows customers to take a 'selfie' and upload it to social media streams.

khazanah the shard
Khazanah Europe Investment Limited

Interactive projection solution for the investment group's innovations area for new business development.

chemistry image
Heptares Therapeutics

3D projection solution brings a new dimension to presentations and boardroom meetings.

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