If you’re looking to engage customers with the latest AV technology, empower staff to work collaboratively with the utmost ease, or want to create something that doesn't exist yet, we can bring your ideas to life.

Interactive AV

Interactive AV

Crossover are specialists in custom AV systems design and installation incorporating the latest interactive technology. Interactive audiovisual systems are an increasingly popular means to engage, inform and gather useful feedback from an audience or customer-base. 

Consider how you could exploit the following to benefit your business:

  • Interactive display screens - utilizing pen or finger-touch interactivity

  • Interactive projectors - display and interact with any application on your computer including Microsoft Office, web browsers, pictures, video, or even bespoke content

  • Touch screen overlays - transform a variety of surfaces into an interactive multi-touch workspace, creating an exciting feature from a table, wall or window

  • Multi-touch tablet or iPad applications - using your own content or starting from scratch Crossover design and program appealing bespoke interactive software applications, with stylish, contemporary aesthetics and custom functionality

  • Bespoke sensor-controlled automated-response systems - Crossover welcome the challenge to deliver a bespoke interactive feature specific to your business

With well thought-out design users digest information more deeply when it’s presented via interactive action-response methods, as opposed to traditional, passive displays.  These technologies offer the power to create stand-out features that invite exploration and provide active physical and mental engagement which is very powerful in forming vivid memories and associations.

Case Study
Lush Bespoke Product Creation

Our bespoke 'social signage' feature-display for Lush allows customers to take a 'selfie' and upload it to social media streams

Experiential AV


Experiential marketing that makes superb use of audio and audiovisual technologies can really set your brand apart, giving your space, display or event that magical ‘wow factor', serving up an experience for your audience that stirs their emotions, excites their senses, and lives long in the memory.

High quality sound, visuals and lighting are an essential part of elevating the overall customer experience from the ordinary. So too is a coherent, well-designed and delivered overall presentation. Crossover are well versed and highly experienced in the successful delivery of bespoke AV systems - either working to a fixed and specific brief and production aesthetic, or working with carte blanche. Many of the world’s leading companies have trusted Crossover to deliver the user experiences they need, and they’re now happy to sing our praises, given half a chance!

From bespoke touch-screen applications with all content designed by Crossover (not just the hardware), to highly directional audio installations, to simulators, large-scale projection mapping and custom touch-screen overlays creating an interactive wall, Crossover are meticulous in exploring what can be achieved for your budget, full of innovative ideas to make your brand the talking point, and always happy to share our site-specific ideas with you without obligation.

Case Study

Crossover played a key role in the design and implementation of a substantial new immersive and interactive “Innovation Centre” at SAP's UK headquarters in Feltham, West London

Responsive AV

Special Projects

A responsive audiovisual system is one that senses changes in its surroundings and adjusts its audiovisual devices accordingly.

A modern office is often fitted with occupancy / motion sensing technology to switch lighting on and off. Likewise a responsive AV system could be configured to adjust the background audio volume level based on how busy the space is, or simply silenced when the room is empty. Further, as with several projects Crossover have delivered very successfully, sensors on the partitions of a flexible space enable the AV systems to respond to how the room is configured, so that the AV systems either work independently when partitions are in place, or instead operate as one combined system when the entire room is opened out.

You might have creative applications in mind to use sensing and control technology to manipulate sound, visual displays and lighting. Imagine how a multi-speaker sound system, coupled with multiple display screens might be programmed to respond to potential clients or customers as they move around your immersive space, or past your shop window or showroom display.

Crossover are experts in the design and deployment of automation technology for AV systems, and we would be delighted to speak to you about your requirements for responsive audiovisual or audio systems - whether they are a core part of the requirement, or a few small elements as part of a more standard project. Get in touch to let us help bring your ideas, and our suggestions, to life!

Video Recording Studios and Broadcast Studios

acoustic diffusor

For companies currently outsourcing video production and or broadcast facilities, bringing either of these in house can dramatically shorten turnaround times, enhance creative control, and deliver huge cost savings. 

Crossover are experienced in delivering these specialist project; we will consider key factors such as the workflow and your own staff’s capabilities, before designing the perfect system for your business. Our specialist expert audiovisual design consultants will consider all the options available within your budget, and explain them so that you make an informed decision. We can then walk you through some of our previous studio builds. We will ensure you get the best possible results from your space, and we can project-manage the entire process from design, to installation. 

Once the facility is installed, we can provide regular user training sessions to ensure all of your staff can get the best out of your system, and we can give you ongoing technical support & maintenance, so that the studio remains a powerful tool for your organization, for many years to come.


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Case Study
China Unicom
China Unicom Video Studio 3

Read about Crossover's broadcast studio installation for China Unicom