Audiovisual Systems for Leisure and Entertainment

One of Crossover’s primary areas of expertise is designing and installing audio and audiovisual systems for leisure and entertainment venues; from sound systems for a nightclub to bar audio installation, or upgrades, service and support for sounds systems in restaurants, hotels, spas and fitness centres.

From expertly-calibrated sound systems for bars, nightclubs and live music venues, to engaging digital signage and a bespoke content package for your gym or hotel, we remain focused on helping you create an environment that will maximise your clients' experience.


Flexible AV Systems

Crossover are the experts in making spaces flexible and responsive. Our AV system designs are ideal for hotels and other high-demand spaces that are used in different ways at different times of the day or week. We have a breadth of experience with cleverly-zoned audio systems, creating different moods in a bar audio installation or using sound treatment in different rooms to suit the sound system for a restaurant. In hotels, flexibility of space can be especially important - so we can ensure equipment recessed into the ceilings or covered by panels to allow your hotel’s conference space to be as suited to a wedding banquet as it is a corporate AGM.  

World-Class Audio Quality

Coupling great audio quality in the system design to our experience with acoustic treatment means we will always maximise your venue's potential and our in-house technicians have honed their expertise in live sound and DJ venues over many years, and in many of the UK’s most prestigious nightclubs, theatres, music venues, live music venues and bars.

Simple Operation

With a high turnover of staff common in the leisure and entertainment industries, audio and audiovisual systems need to be extremely easy to use. We often deliver systems that are entirely controlled via one simple interface, like an app on your smartphone.

Audiovisual Service and Maintenance

Whether you have a single DJ bar audio installation or sound system in your restaurant, a city-wide chain of fitness centres, or a hotel group spread across Europe, our service and maintenance contracts give you peace of mind that you’re in expert hands. You will benefit from quick response times, when it comes to any issues relating to the audio & AV systems. Crossover's engineers are responsive and discreet, and to minimise impact can work when your space is not being used, whatever your venues’ opening hours. Our scheduled preventative maintenance visits play a key role in preventing problems from happening in the first place.

Aesthetic Considerations

We take great pride in designing and installing audio and AV systems for hotels and entertainment venues that look perform well and look great. We dedicate considerable resources to ensuring we are familiar with the most attractive pieces of AV kit available. When selecting the visible elements of an installation, we will work closely with you or your interior designers or architects to ensure that the system is an integral part of the space. When a suitable-looking product doesn’t exist, we’ll happily custom design and manufacture the perfect item, or use our strong links with manufacturers to tweak their existing range.

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Digital Signage for Hotels, Entertainment and Leisure Venues

We offer a complete digital signage service, from simple informational displays, to wayfinding, to a fully integrated scheduling system. Screens across your venue can be easily customisable, to show events you’re hosting yet still able to show one-off notices about special occasions. We can design systems that allow your guests to book appointments, and even check themselves in.

We are also one of the few AV companies around able to offer completely bespoke content and software design too. Our policy of remaining independent from tie-ins with specific brands means we will design a system holistically, choosing the right hardware for your space and the right software for the content.

Next Level - Innovative AV Solutions

Crossover have a long history of innovation in AV. We can offer solutions that will dramatically enhance  your customers’ experience, or to enable your venue to be used in a larger variety of ways, expanding your customer base and in turn increasing demand.

Perhaps you need microphones for your live music setup to be controlled from a tablet wirelessly, from anywhere in the venue. Or maybe you want to offer your guests a touch-screen display or tablet to choose music and video clips from a bespoke graphical user interface with your logo and brand aesthetics. 

You may even need a system that does nothing more than impress and excite your customers like an an interactive projection in the entrance to your gym. However unusual or unique your requirements are, Crossover love to push the boundaries, and we are leading the field in the successful delivery of these kinds of innovative projects.

From the refined and sophisticated, to the loud and modern: Crossover carefully design AV solutions that suit your venue's style