We create rock solid apps and implement enterprise-wide solutions that make it simple to control and monitor all the audio and AV systems within your environment.

Whether you want to control a meeting room or an entire building, we've got it covered.

Our designers take great care in listening to how your users want to interact with the AV, and to design eye-catching interfaces that work reliably and intuitively.

AV Control

Bespoke AV Control Systems

Say goodbye to bundles of cables and remotes. Crossover leads the UK in fully customised, app-like AV control interfaces that both streamline your technical needs and reflect your brand identity. 

Our intuitive, tailor-made GUIs (graphical user interfaces), layouts and navigation save time and stress, and are simple to use, however technical (or otherwise) the user. 

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Room Booking Systems

Hotly contested meeting rooms can be a daily headache for today’s dynamic businesses, but our user-friendly room booking systems integrate seamlessly with your IT systems and existing calendars for effortless scheduling. 

We can recommend, supply, install and commission solutions that your staff will use with ease, via desktops and attractive dedicated touch panels outside each room.

Offices and Boardrooms AV Control

Room Management Systems

Room management systems (aka building management systems) improve businesses’ efficiency, productivity and energy usage. 

Crossover’s integrated, custom solutions empower organisations to remotely monitor and control everything from screens to heating to digital signage, so they can spot, fix and prevent problems promptly (often before they’re even reported by end-users), saving you downtime. And by clearly showing you which resources are being over- or under-used, they enable you to repurpose spaces and assets to significantly improve your business’ efficiency.

remote monitoring

Remote Systems Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Crossover can install customised, user-friendly online dashboards that tell your IT or facilities teams – or if you prefer our technical support team – how all your audio and AV systems are performing, in real time, from anywhere. 

This means support staff receive prompt alerts to any faults and can act fast to solve the problem, minimising downtime. 

reducing environmental impact

Reducing Your Environmental Impact

Streamlining your business’ energy use is good for the environment – and your overheads. 

Crossover is experienced in integrating a broad range of power- and cost-saving features into companies’ audio and AV systems, from simple automatic shutdowns of equipment, spaces or whole buildings to systems monitoring that shows where you can reduce waste and save costs. Sophisticated adaptive scheduling will even prepare a meeting room’s temperature and lighting just when it’s needed.

Gamesys iPad observation room recording

User testing and recording facility neatly controlled via bespoke iPad app.

110 Rochester Row-19.jpg
110 Rochester Row

Large-scale multi-room conference and event space made simple to use by Crossover's custom built control system, with all audio and video, lighting and blinds configured from a custom app.

Experience Lab collaboration observation
Experience Lab

Three sophisticated user experience testing and observation labs, with all AV intuitively managed from a custom-branded and designed app.

Grey London - reception area
Grey London

Grey London can set up their events space audiovisual systems at the touch of a button, with presets created on their bespoke control system


Leading architect's presentation space neatly controlled from a bespoke, aesthetically-designed app.

The Goldsmiths Center
The Goldsmiths' Centre

Projection systems, wireless mics and a multi-zone audio system are easily configured at The Goldsmiths' Centre

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