We create rock solid apps that make it simple to control and monitor all the audio & AV systems within your environment. Whether you want to control a meeting room or an entire building, we've got it covered.

Bespoke AV Control Systems

AV Control

Crossover are pioneers in the UK of intuitive, ‘app-like’ control interfaces for audiovisual systems. These control interfaces are incredibly easy to use, even for people who aren’t technically minded. They are also a great time-saver for any level of operator, rendering obsolete confusing ‘bundles of remotes and cables’ in a neat, completely customized and made-to-measure solution.

We carefully consider the aesthetic look and feel of the GUI (Graphical User Interface), i.e. what the end user sees and interacts with, in sympathy with your company image and branding. The content navigation (menus and buttons) are tailored to suit the specific system at hand and the layout on each ‘page’ of the control system is clear and ergonomically sound. We always put the end-user experience at the forefront of our design process, optimizing each detail for intuitiveness and efficiency and rigorously testing all functionality to ensure rock-solid performance.

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110 Rochester Row-23.jpg

Crossover implemented a multi-faceted bespoke AV control system for superb new conferencing venue 110 Rochester Row.

Room Booking Systems

EVOKO-ERM Minto in background.jpg

Crossover supply and install user-friendly and functional Room Booking Systems which help manage the timetable for shared company resources, such as meeting rooms and presentation spaces. Using touch-panels that are very aesthetically pleasing, reliable, and easy to use, these systems integrate seamlessly with calendars from your standard existing email server, such as Outlook. We offer a solutions from a range of manufacturers, but all that we’ll put on a shortlist for your consideration are solutions that are a smart step towards a well-oiled working environment.

Staff will find it simple to make a room booking or to find a suitable alternative space, from either their desktop, smartphone or from the beautifully designed touch-panels themselves, which are mounted inside or outside the room (even on glass). Because the touch screen’s edges helpfully illuminate red or green, staff can see at a glance who has booked a local meeting room, or if it’s available. 

With minimal or no changes needed to your current IT setup, and no new complex software training required you can eliminate confusion caused by double-bookings, or a timetabling system that staff find frustrating to use. The system will even release a room in the event of a  ‘no show’. What’s more, it’s even possible to centrally manage the units, and for the system to report back on room usage for statistical analysis.

Case Study
Healix 2

Modern office AV installation project featuring a room booking system

Room Management Systems

Offices and Boardrooms AV Control

With a Room Management System (also known as Building Management Systems) many types of technology can now be integrated, remotely monitored, remotely controlled and usage tracked, in order to allow Facilities staff to spot problems before end users do, fix them quickly, and to know when preventative maintenance is needed. All of this minimizes downtime and noticeably increases the efficiency and productivity of your organisation.

Elements that we commonly incorporate into an estate-wide Room Management System include  screens, projectors, amplifiers and loudspeakers, AV control systems, lighting, digital signage, blinds, HVAC (Heating / Air Conditioning) and computers.

Power management tools allow Facilities staff to remotely shutdown devices individually or as a group from a centralized location (even a one-button shutdown for the whole building) and timetable shutdown of an entire suite or area. Projectors, screens and lights all live longer as a result and no worries about staff accidentally leaving equipment switched on overnight.

Each device can be tracked by a Room Management Systems, giving accurate measurements for time used and energy consumed. Effective power management means a greener, cheaper operation, and a more efficient  business.

Remote Systems Monitoring & Troubleshooting

remote monitoring

Many of our audio and AV systems are designed to allow remote monitoring and remote diagnosis and troubleshooting of issues. This functionality can be used by your IT, AV or Facilities staff, who can access data on the status of the technology on your estate, from any remote location that’s connected to the internet - for example their own desk. The data is presented via a customizable and user-friendly software dashboard. 

These systems allow the relevant people in your organization, or ours, to view real-time feedback on the equipment (or ‘assets’) across your facility. But more than that, we enable your support staff to be proactive too; for example, if a network connection is down in a given room, or a local touch-screen control panel isn't communicating correctly with the network, the management system will issue fault warnings, typically via email. These are sent either to your IT/AV/Facilities staff, or to Crossover’s Technical Support team, or both. This saves the frustrations of stalled meetings and needless down-time -- where these remote monitoring systems are implemented, it’s usually the case that the support staff are alerted before any issue is even noticed by an end user.

Maintenance can also be streamlined by way of automate emails being sent to your purchasing department to alert them when, for example, it’s time to order a new bulb for the projector, or updating Facilities staff when other AV consumables need changing.

Reducing Your Environmental Impact

reducing environmental impact

As both organizations and individuals look at ways to minimize their carbon footprint and reduce energy bills, there are many ways in which Crossover can design audio and audiovisual systems to help a lot in this regard. For example, we can design and implement Room Management Systems that will allow you to operate a greener and cheaper business. Some of the ways we regularly achieve this include:

  • Scheduling automatic power shut-downs: you’ll no longer need to worry about manually switching off AV equipment at the end of the day.
  • A helpful ‘one button’ shutdown for an entire building (or defined office area) saves time and increases the likelihood of systems being shut down promptly by users
  • Systems monitoring that allows both real-time and historical analysis of your energy usage enables you to visualise how energy is used across the facility, track the effects of changes (e.g. new equipment) and potentially identify unnecessary wastage and expenditure.
  • Adaptive scheduling that is used to prepare a meeting room in advance, for example, getting it to a set temperature with control of the HVAC system, and setting a pre-defined lighting arrangement prior to the start time. A wired/wireless occupancy sensor detects if the meeting is cancelled or a ‘no show’, and if the system is set with a ‘timeout’ period it can automatically turn off lights and lower the heating accordingly.

Crossover are here to help you integrate and exploit these available technologies for the long-term benefit of your business and the environment.


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