Streaming your sessions and events to reach a wider audience

With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 has seen huge increases in the numbers of virtual events and presentation broadcasts and recordings, bringing people together during times of travel restrictions and social distancing.

Event streaming is now popular across the majority of commercial sectors, harnessing the power to reach a wide audience over the internet.

Streaming can be a surprisingly cost-effective and straightforward addition to the AV in an existing auditorium, training room or all-hands meeting area, and a great feature to offer clients hiring an events space or conference centre. Especially helpful in times where the physical numbers that can gather in an indoor space are limited.

zoom training room.png
Many training sessions, classes and lectures are being delivered with online streaming broadcasts, or pre-recorded material

Recording, Broadcasting, Streaming - Systems Design, Supply and Installation

Our experts have designed, planned and installed recording, streaming and broadcasting systems of all sizes of space, scopes and budgets – so regardless of whether you want to upgrade your existing event space, showroom or 'all hands' meeting area or are looking to purpose-build a broadcasting / recording environment from scratch, you can rely on us to deliver a functional system that’s designed to facilitate creativity, collaboration and state-of-the-art communications. 

Video recording, broadcast and streaming systems for...

  1. Conference Centres
  2. Auditoriums and Event Spaces
  3. User Experience Labs
  4. Focus Group Sessions
  5. Think Tank Discussions
  6. Town Hall / All Hands Meetings
  7. Remote Training, Classes and Lectures
  8. Virtual Showrooms and Sales Demonstrations
  9. Podcasts and Social Media Productions
  10. Online Fitness Classes
Experience Lab collaboration observation
User experience and focus group observation, streaming recording at Experience Lab

Cut the outsourcing. Bring your recordings in-house

Many businesses come to us because they are currently outsourcing their broadcasting, streaming or recording. But by designing and installing your own recording environment, you can bring all aspects of your recorded work in-house, allowing you to shorten your turnaround times, take back more creative control, and enjoy significant cost savings in the longer term. 

AV designs created with your needs in mind

We only use state-of-the-art technology to ensure we can deliver a studio that delivers impressive recording and broadcasting abilities – and, above all, a setup that is built to last.

We have worked on dozens of specialist projects with very different requirements. Regardless of the space that’s available to us, the equipment we need to source and the budgets we’re working to, our engineers will work tirelessly and meticulously to ensure the project runs without a hitch and the end result exceeds all expectations. We can work to a specific brief if needs be, or we can come up with a concept for you that’s both aesthetically pleasing and packed full of cutting edge functionality.

fitness instructor streaming recording.jpg
Fitness and exercise classes moved online in a big way in 2020, with boutique fitness brands offering live streaming or pre-recorded content for clients working out at home

We also offer additional training and support solutions to help you get to grips with your new studio space

Once your broadcasting studio is set up and ready to go, we can provide additional training sessions to ensure your staff are able to make the most of their new facility. Support programmes can be tailored to staff skill levels, and the content within our training solutions can be adapted to focus on specific features of the studio if needs be.

We can also provide ongoing technical support and maintenance, so you know you will still be able to get the most from your studio long after its design and installation.

Contact us for more information about the video recording, broadcast and streaming systems that would best work for you.