Fixing tricky existing acoustic issues, or planning to get it right first time?

The acoustics of a space indelibly shape your sound, which is why they can be a hugely underestimated factor in many projects where clear audio is crucial for success.

Time and again we see projects where acoustics have been overlooked, and as a result the space suffers from echoes and reverberation. This might mean a videoconference suffers from too much 'room sound' or an expensive boutique gym sound system simply does not sound right. 

Taking care to analyse the acoustics of your space, budgeting for the correct acoustic treatment and building acoustic design into your project from the outset will pay great dividends in the long run. But if you're looking to sort out existing acoustic problems we can help with that too!

acoustic modelling

3D Acoustic Modelling

Every space has its unique acoustic needs, from offices and boardrooms to gyms and listed buildings. Our acoustic technicians have the expertise to find a tailored solution for every space. 

Using advanced 3D modelling software, our specialists will work alongside your project team to design, install and calibrate your audio systems to perfection

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Acoustic Treatment

Whether in a hushed recital room or busy office, the noise levels and reverberance (echo) within a space must suit its usage requirements.

Current trends for open-plan workspaces in particular reduce productivity through poor acoustics. Who hasn’t had a meeting where goldfish-bowl acoustics have sapped your focus? Taking a holistic approach, and keeping budget and aesthetics front of mind, Crossover designs and installs a wide range of tailored acoustic treatment solutions to deliver the ideal environment for teams and guests.

consultancy consulting schematic

Acoustic Consultancy

Even the best AV systems can be compromised by a building’s acoustics. 

The good news is, there is a broad range of measures that effectively mitigate this, so that your staff – and your customers – can enjoy optimal audio performance. With your budget in mind, and extensive experience in building regulation compliance, our specialist acoustic consultants are ready to advise you on how to modify your premises, or finesse your new-build plans, to ensure they are the perfect arena for superb sound.

BBC Media City

Crossover utilised 3D acoustic modelling to analyze a multi-purpose auditorium at the BBC, which helped to identify the best loudspeakers and loudspeaker placements in this acoustically-challenging space

blockchain the vault

Crossover installed a range of acoustic solutions, as part of tackling a range of audio, acoustic and conferencing issues in the London offices

Stack Exchange
Stack Exchange

For the Stack Exchange offices Crossover implemented acoustic treatments to perfectly complement the modern feel of their working environment

Grey London - reception area
Grey London

Crossover overhauled the presentation space on the back of acoustic and sound propagation modelling work to support our proposals

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