Stack Exchange's business is the creation, provision and hosting of online networks of 'Q&A communities', where users benefit from each other's knowledge. Boasting 101 million unique monthly users it ranks consistently among the internet's 50 most trafficked sites. It's dedicated programming community 'Stack Overflow', contributing to 40 million of those users alone.   

Over several project phases, Crossover have developed the audiovisual systems for Stack Exchange to suit their specific business needs and changes in their office environment. 

Stack Exchange office

streaming webinar system allows their three offices to join together for a 'Town Hall' (or 'all hands') meeting covering the entire company, held live and in real-time between the Old Street office and the offices in New York and Chicago.

The main presentation system is equipped with a triple projection system - three projectors side-by-side. This system allows the feeds from the sibling offices to be displayed in the meeting space. 

Two Full HD cameras (one fixed, one PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom)) capture the video feed from the London office. The fixed camera focuses on the audience, whilst the PTZ camera can be positioned on a presenter speaking at the front lectern, or other shots from the front of the space.

The audio from the space is captured by wireless microphone systems.

background audio system throughout the presentation and office spaces ensures the sound from the Town Hall meetings comes across loud and clear.

Stack Exchange meeting room

All audiovisual and audio control is provided by a custom-branded, bespoke programmed control system application, running from a 7" touch panel. 

The control system for the space provides the following functionality:

  • One-touch start up and shutdown of the system
  • Full control of the PTZ camera, i.e. its pan, tilt and zoom functions
  • Full control of the choice of inputs feeding the projection systems; each of the three projectors can be turned on and off separately
  • Full control of the audio system, including the levels of each wireless microphones and the program audio in the system

Furthermore, the touch panel is lockable, so that it can only be accessed via a pin-code.

Acoustic treatment was provided for the office areas, to combat noise and acoustic interference. Wall mounted and ceiling hung sound absorbers improved the acoustics of the space, making it a more productive work environment. The acoustic absorption panels were chosen to provide a cost-effective solution to fit the existing aesthetics of the office environment. A big challenge with this part of the project was to work around the existing equipment and services in the space whilst  avoiding being too visually obtrusive and maintaining an aesthetically-appropriate appearance.

Crossover also delivered digital signage solutions for the office area. 

Stack Exchange presentation area

At Crossover we're proud of the ongoing relationships we develop with clients such as Stack Exchange, built upon excellent service at every step and installing quality audiovisual and audio systems at the right price. It's always incredibly pleasing to have excellent project feedback backed up with being repeatedly asked to deliver further projects.