Every project is unique. Some can be so specific that bespoke design is required to get the right look or functionality for your AV systems or the AV furniture needed in your space. Crossover's team have many times had to create bespoke items to truly realise our client's vision. If you need us to go beyond the 'ready made' we can guide you through that process and bring your custom AV ideas to life and transform your customer experience.


Sometimes, when a client has exacting aesthetic preferences, there just isn’t a suitable ‘off the shelf’ product that’s fit for purpose. This is often the case when it comes to items of furniture such as AV lecterns, and the housings for keypads or tablets that are used to control the audiovisual system. If there’s a need to have AV equipment racks located ‘on show’ (rather than hidden away in a Comms Room), it’s often the case that there’s not an ideal product to meet the aesthetic of that room. 

Crossover have a deep knowledge of existing products that are available as ‘off the shelf’ solutions, but sometimes the perfect style or functionality or size requirements cannot be met with an existing product. In these instances we will work with specialist fabricators to create bespoke AV furniture that will be the perfect fit for your space, design, and functional requirements. 

Usually the solution is a comparable price to a ready-made equivalent. For real-world examples of our bespoke design and fabrication work which we can show you in the corporate, retail, leisure and entertainment industries, or if you have any other questions, please get in touch - we love audio and AV projects that are challenging and stand out from the ordinary.

Examples of bespoke AV furniture that Crossover can design, supply and install:

  1. Custom design AV lectern for conference centre
  2. Bespoke AV cabinet for equipment
  3. Custom mounting solution for AV control iPad / tablet
  4. Unique digital signage housing for retail environment
acoustic furniture.jpg
Bespoke furniture that improves acoustics for huddle groups


If you have an audiovisual concept or requirement that can’t be fulfilled by solutions available on the market, or if you’re looking for something unique in design in order to make your workplace or brand experience stand out, Crossover can draw on vast engineering and technology expertise to design and manufacture custom AV solutions that fit your needs exactly.

For example, one of our recent commissions involved a ‘record store’-style listening station for MP3s, where no ‘off the shelf’ option could be sourced. For this project, Crossover designed and fabricated short run MP3 listening stations built to order, which perfectly complemented the existing space and aesthetics of the retail space. Crossover will coordinate all the elements of the project, from initial design meetings with your team, to the building of models and 3D renderings, to the programming of any control software, and the creation of any bespoke content that’s required, along with any integration necessary with your IT and Facilities systems.

Lush Bespoke Product Creation
Bespoke MP3 listening posts for Lush, Oxford Street

Perhaps you have a very specific idea for a feature videowall in a non-conventional shape, that needs to be housed in a bespoke enclosure that looks great from all angles and also has integrated interactive features.

We’d typically first do a comprehensive search for any suitable existing products, but wherever appropriate we’ll go further than many of our competitors by investing our time to propose bespoke AV products when this could be of benefit to you, in many cases with significant research, design and modelling work carried out at the proposal stage with no obligation or cost.

Examples of bespoke AV product design and fabrication:

  1. Bespoke portable tablet-based presentation system, with a charging case for multiple tables that can run a sales presentation, all controlled from a master tablet
  2. Portable conferencing system that can be set up for 30-person board meetings via Skype, VoIP, analogue phone audio conferencing
  3. Volume control for gym environment with military-grade components for extra durability
  4. Custom-made MP3 listening post for retail environment
  5. Unique touchscreen overlays to turn surfaces into interactive touch-screen workspaces
  6. Durable wireless click-button handset for gym sound level control

We also deliver custom apps and AV content...

Crossover also regularly create tailored apps for customers who require elevated functionality from their investment. We can design and program bespoke touch-screen applications that are wonderfully intuitive, and you can use these to control and monitor your audio and AV systems.

Read more about Crossover's bespoke AV control systems

Grey GUI iPad Control - Room Presets
Custom-made GUI for Grey London to control the AV in their events space, with one-touch presets for particular event scenarios

serco insight ipad
Bespoke control app for Experience Lab - AV facilities for user experience testing, observation and recording made easy to use

We would love to hear what you’ve got in mind for your next AV project. Contact Crossover today to discuss your plans in more detail and start bringing your creative ideas to life with support from our team of custom AV designers and installers.