Audiovisual Systems for Conference Centres and Event Spaces

Our depth of specialist experience in delivering AV systems into large conference centres, meeting venues and events spaces means we will give you a venue that stands above the best of the competition.  

The knowledge we have gained by supporting these types of AV systems, week in week out, through years of heavy use, allows us to create AV environments that engage with audiences from the moment they step into a venue, and then deliver dynamic, captivating events. 

These solutions might include large-scale projection installations that deliver vivid visual content, and multi-zone audio systems that deliver sound with punch and depth so that the whole audience receives the message with pin-point clarity, right to the back of the venue. Our digital signage systems enable you to quickly and effectively brand a space to make each of your clients feel like it's their own.

We are brand and manufacturer agnostic, which means each new venue gets our design 'from scratch' approach. The resulting design is genuinely tailormade. This means that we maximise the effectiveness of your available budget and the particular physical environment of your venue. Our proposal documents present a variety of options, allowing you to make an informed choice about features and functionality for your venue.

Tried and tested by us

Many of our clients engage us to provide AV Events Technicians, and as a result we have weekly experience of running events using the systems that we've designed and installed. We use this as a hugely valuable resource for gaining user feedback from real-situation use of systems, and we have developed rigorous processes for gathering this data. Over the years Crossover has developed and honed its expertise in delivering conference room and events AV systems that put the speakers and organisers at ease. Let us deliver you peace of mind, and allow you to get on with your job without needing to worry about the AV.

“Thank you for such a clean and painless installation (from our side, at least). You exceeded my expectations and, personally, I’m very happy with the whole install. It is intuitive and performs superbly… Again, brilliant – thank you.” M Lloyd – The Goldsmiths’ Centre

Flexible AV systems that maximise opportunities to rent the space

It's increasingly common for venues to offer highly configurable spaces, and things often need to be changed on the fly. Our audiovisual systems are designed with that in mind, and they empower facilities staff and event organisers to reconfigure the environment with ease and speed. Our design team will proactively suggest a variety of ways to maximise this flexibility and make the space work for you.  It may be the installation of cameras and flexible video routing to create fully functional event overflow areas which otherwise would have been an empty lobby; or perhaps your venue would benefit from systems where the equipment like loudspeakers and projectors can be hidden away into the ceilings at the touch of a button in order to make a space equally suitable for a corporate presentation as for a cocktail party. What's more, through powerful automation and meticulous systems design, carefully-planned presets within the AV control system make large or small changes efficient and convenient… although we have yet to work out a cost-effective way to move hundreds of chairs at a touch of a button!

Ease of use

Crossover is a global leader in the design and implementation of bespoke AV control systems. We can create a beautifully designed interface that gives the end user, or venue staff, exceptionally intuitive and efficient control of complex audiovisual systems. We can allow a venue's complete functionality to be configured from a wireless tablet in a user-friendly way - from mixing various wireless microphones, to controlling building systems such as air conditioning, blinds, lights and CCTV. Our AV control systems can be set up to dial a videoconference, change the angle and zoom of a camera, start a webcast, control which zones an announcement from the paging system is heard in, or even shut down all systems at the end of a day with a single button press. Because our meticulously planned user interfaces are bespoke to each project, they are designed not only to maximise usability for that specific venue, but also to ensure consistency with your brand aesthetics.

Our approach is always a holistic one and we push for close collaboration between our audio system designers, our CAD draftsmen, and the project’s architects and interior designers wherever possible.


Great sound for everyone

Making sure everyone can hear comfortably and clearly, is of course essential in an events space. Our approach is always a holistic one and we push for close collaboration between our audio system designers, our CAD draftsmen, and the project’s architects and interior designers wherever possible. 

Interactivity and audience engagement

Crossover can design and install elements of the audio and AV systems that allow your clients to hold great interactive events and in doing so, create more engaging and memorable experiences. Successful whole-room mic’ing is one of the hardest things to deliver, but Crossover’s in-house audio engineers are world class and very experienced in meeting such requirements. Simpler, and something more commonly requested, are wireless voting systems, and the integration of roving mics into the venue’s audio systems in order to enable audience Q&A sessions.

Videoconferencing & Live streaming

Increasingly, clients require audio & video streaming, videoconferencing  or webcast capabilities in their venues, as well as systems to record the event at high quality. Rather than hire in these systems, having them installed means better camera angles, better audio pickup, a neater looking venue. What's more, the costs of these installed systems can equate to just a few one-off hires of an equivalent system. 

Future-ready systems to allow your venue to grow

Venues not only need to change from day to day, but also to evolve over time. Crossover work to make our installs flexible and future ready, to allow for your business to handle the ever-increasing expectations of clients in a way that is cost efficient and will minimise downtime when it comes to upgrading the AV systems in the future.

Holistic approach

When considering new builds or refurbishments of large venues such as conference centres, lecture theatres, multi-purpose halls, and sizeable events spaces, it is almost essential that the audiovisual environment is considered at the very earliest opportunity. We are very used to being involved in a project from the very initial planning phase onwards, which allows our in-house consultants to work with architects and other members of the project’s design team to deliver the best possible results in the most cost-effective way. In large events spaces, auditoria and conference centres, this usually involves a combination of acoustic treatment, meticulous choice and placement of loudspeakers, expert choice of building materials, proper consideration of the ideal locations of key equipment such as projectors and mixing desks, as well as first rate specification and calibration of the audio system once it’s installed. We also work closely with all relevant parties to ensure that the deaf and hard of hearing are properly considered, with the inclusion of high quality hearing loops and associated facilities.