A quick Google search for ‘business meeting statistics’ will immediately show you various research findings about the huge amount of time and money modern organisations spend on staff meetings, information sharing and task force / brainstorming sessions.

Make your own estimate on the amount of time in total wasted whilst meeting room and/or conferencing technology issues are combatted, resolved or worked around. That’s time which distracts and drains focus from getting on with the real business at hand.

On the positive side, a well-designed and ergonomic audiovisual presentation and conferencing set-up can thoroughly enrich the presentation and communication process. Vivid video quality and clear, high-quality audio enhance the experience, and operate seamlessly to present a variety of media in delivering the message.

Corporate AV systems should be intuitive, with minimal set-up fuss and rock-solid reliability day in day out. Whether in a boardroom, meeting room, huddle space, or in your main auditorium, the audio and audiovisual systems are a key element in the efficacy of your business’ operations.

Crossover has a long track record of delivering AV systems in offices that delight our customers, exceed their expectations, and lead to ongoing close working relationships. These projects have ranged from projects that include a wide range of AV environments throughout large office buildings for international blue-chip clients, to a single high quality projection system that is retro-fit into one boardroom or meeting room.

We specialise in meeting room technologies such as videoconferencing, easy and robust wireless AV connectivity, creating flexible spaces that can be reconfigured quickly to ease pressure on highly contested meeting rooms, as well as specifying and installing interactive displays that allow digital annotation and improve the sharing of ideas.

In every single project, not only will Crossover’s meticulous and experienced Systems Design team cover off the basics (for example by delivering systems that avoid time being wasted at the beginning of meetings on things like booting up a PC, or projectors with long warm-up times), but also we see it as our responsibility to advise you on a specification that be within budget but also be as future ready as possible.

One key example this is that our corporate AV systems have for many years now reflected the growing trend of ’BYOD’ (bring your own device’): that is, that most employees and visitors expect to be able to bring a wide range of devices to a meeting and connect efficiently into the AV system. It has recently been estimated that 70% of professionals will conduct their work on mobile devices by 2018, and the value of easy to use, integrated AV setups has never been more critical.

Let us equip your corporate meeting spaces with technology that will help your staff now, and make your building ready for the future.

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