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Videowalls & Innovative Digital Display Solutions

digital signage eye videowall

It is often in showrooms of the world's finest brands that you’ll first see an innovative AV display system exploiting the latest available technology used as an attention-grabbing feature-piece. Because these large, dynamic displays engage so effectively with so many customers, and because the price of the hardware has dropped considerably over recent years, their usage is now also common in shopping centres and high streets. 

Ultimately, large-scale digital display solutions are a great way to add impact and presence to a space, and to shout about your brand, so it’s not surprising that they have also been adopted in corporate environments to make reception areas stand out. Where once a video wall simply meant just installing a few standard flatscreens next to each other in a grid, we can offer many more interesting and memorable options. Small tessellating tiles can create digital displays that create an unusual shape & aspect ratio of the overall display. Content can be designed to ‘travel between’ or ‘leap’ from one area of signage to another. Large-scale LED panel systems are now both very high resolution, and bright enough to shine out rich detail even in very high ambient light conditions. Rear-projection solutions are often an ideal way to use the glass of your shopfront as the canvas for your brand message. 

There are many possibilities, and Crossover can offer a wide range of options to meet your budget, your preferences and your site’s requirements.

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Case Study
Ferrari 1

Crossover installed a large HD videowall for the prestigious Ferrari showroom in Knightsbridge, London.

Corporate Presentation Systems


We understand that the right presentation systems in the workplace are key to empowering your staff to communicate clearly and collaborate efficiently, whether in a  boardroom, meeting room, huddle space, or in your main auditorium. As well as delivering vivid video quality and clear audio, corporate AV systems need to handle a range of content (audio and voice, video and image, software applications and data) from a range of sources (laptops, tablets, phones - reflecting the upward trend of BYOD - Bring Your Own Device).

To ensure that presentation technology is more help than hindrance, it should be intuitive, with minimal set-up fuss and rock-solid reliability day in day out. Crossover specialise in meeting room technologies such as videoconferencing, easy and robust wireless AV connectivity, creating flexible spaces that can be reconfigured quickly to ease pressure on highly contested meeting rooms, as well as specifying and installing interactive displays that allow digital annotation and improve the sharing of ideas.

In every single project, not only will Crossover’s meticulous and experienced Systems Design team cover the key points mentioned above, but also we see it as our responsibility to recommend a specification within budget that is also as future-ready as possible. Let us equip your corporate meeting spaces with technology that will help your staff now, and make your building ready for the future.

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Case Study

Crossover's AV install for Cicero is a good example of a slick, modern install for a contemporary office

Projection Systems


Projection systems are often the most cost-effective way of delivering a large image size, however the quality that’s achievable has hugely improved over recent years - long gone are washed out video and illegible detail. Furthermore, new technology that uses lasers rather than traditional bulbs have resulted in projectors with start-up times of less than 5 seconds, a very low cost of ownership, minimal maintenance requirements, and a significantly lower impact on the environment.

Projectors can make rooms more versatile and flexible - for example, projectors and flatscreens can be used in the same partitionable room under different situations, with the flatscreen display used for small meetings, and the larger image size of the projector used for when the room is at full size with partitions drawn.

Projectors need not be intrusive either, and can be installed on projector lifts that drop down out of a false ceiling, while the casing of projection screens can also installed within the ceiling cavity. In this case, all visible equipment can be hidden away at the touch of a button, meaning that a large room in a hotel could be just as well suited for a cocktail party as a full corporate conference.

Case Study

A 10,000 lumens commercial grade projector installed at client AHMM provides clear, crisp and detailed images, even with large amounts of ambient light

Digital Signage

Lush Digital Signage

Crossover has a wealth of experience in developing and deploying powerful and captivating digital signage solutions that display engaging content clearly, and that gives your organisation a flexible tool that really adds value. Whatever your commercial application; whether it’s for a single screen in your corporate reception space, or for a complex global deployment across hundreds of retail outlets, we can offer a one-stop solution, including systems design, digital content creation, hardware supply and installation, staff-training, and ongoing support tailored to your needs.

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Case Study
Tripadvisor 4

Crossover installed a fully customised bespoke digital signage system for the Reception area at TripAdvisor

Wireless AV Connectivity

clickshare videoconference

Increasingly our clients ask us whether they can wirelessly connect devices to a room’s AV system. Because this technology has become much more reliable and user-friendly in recent years, this is something we now frequently offer, and it is a feature that proves very popular in corporate meeting rooms, boardrooms, and collaboration spaces. 

The ability to quickly and easily share presentations in a room can really benefit your staff. Crossover invests a great deal of time to ensure we are always up to date on what is available from all manufacturers, and we always explain the pros and cons of various technology options to help our customers make an informed decision. In every case, reliability and effortless ease of use on our clients' part are our primary concerns.


Read about how Crossover have implemented Display and Presentation technology in recent project work

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Case Study
Hg Capital meeting room

HgCapital use wireless AV connectivity on a daily basis to smoothly facilitate meeting presentations and content sharing