Technical Consultancy Services - An Overview

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Crossover delivers standalone strategic consultancy. Our experience means we are expertly placed to offer feasibility studies, ROI assessments, project management and technical solution consultancy services.

We are extremely rigorous and expert in the process. We see this as a collaborative exercise, fully investing in discussing, probing and explaining to establish the real business need. From the outset we bring our considerable technical know how and experience to the discussion, as well as knowledge of current and future AV and IT trends. Our designs and documents reflect our deep understanding of audio and AV systems, and our focus on providing real value for money.

Our experience in audio and AV installation means we have huge real-world experience and our clients benefit from our considerable practical experience.

Audio Systems Consultancy

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Our Audio Systems Consultancy utilises our design and installation knowledge gained over decades working across a range of commercial premises and within industry verticals.

We can offer advice across the lifespan of an audio system, from feasibility studies, to full design specifications, to tweaking or upgrading existing equipment and guidance on maintenance schedules.

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AV Systems Consultancy

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Development of new technologies in the AV field moves at a rapid pace and  these new technologies to make a real difference to the way organisations communicate and collaborate. As the landscape changes, Crossover can provide the specialist knowledge you need to to be confident that you’re taking advantage of the most appropriate available equipment and that your systems are as future ready as possible.

Customer feedback highlights Crossover’s thoroughness during the early stages of the AV consultancy process  as a highly valued strength. 

Case Study
Tripadvisor 5

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Integrating AV and IT

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As technology enables the AV and IT infrastructure to integrate ever more tightly, there are many advantages for your business, as well as potential headaches for your IT department with a poorly integrated or delivered AV solution. At Crossover we’re constantly working with our client’s IT staff to implement the latest AV technologies in new or existing IT network in a non-disruptive fashion, both during installation and throughout the life cycle of the AV system.

Crossover have long-since embraced the convergence of AV and IT and are specialists in the kind of systems integration that keeps our clients’ future needs firmly in mind.

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Acoustic Consultancy

Planning Stages of an audiovisual Project

Crossover offers specialist consultancy in acoustics and audio systems. We help make spaces sound superb, and control the way sound propagates around as well as outside your building. Let us help you understand how you can improve the acoustics in your existing premises, or during the planning stages of a new build. Our experience can help you avoid costly mistakes and optimise the acoustics and audio performance. 

We use our experience to shape great buildings, transform customer experience, set measurable specifications & standards for build contractors to meet, and help our clients to adhere to the most stringent of council restrictions to gain local authority approval.


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Case Study
BBC Media City

Read about Crossover's Acoustic Consultancy work for the BBC, part of a design consultancy task leading to a commission in their Media Centre auditorium