Technical expertise; planning; reports and specifications

Crossover's technical experts can be engaged on a consultancy basis to advise on the AV requirements for any commercial projects. 

As with any investment, businesses need to know that the systems and services they buy make the best possible sense technically, financially and strategically. Our consultants draw on all Crossover’s areas of specialist expertise, plus our wealth of proven real-world experience and knowledge of current and future AV and IT trends, to ensure the products clients choose are perfectly mapped to their needs, and deliver optimal value for money. 

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Audio Systems Consultancy

Decades of hands-on design and installation experience across a wide range of business sectors, buildings and project types is what we bring our consultancy clients. We know AV products and services inside out, research and test new industry developments constantly, and offer advice that’s informed and practical, tailoring it to your premises with industry-preferred modelling software. We can also manage vendor tenders for you, making it straightforward to get the right deal.

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AV Systems Consultancy

Technology moves fast, so for your business’ people to keep collaborating and communicating at their best, your AV systems need to be as future-ready as possible. Collaborating closely with clients from the outset and investing the time to fully understand their challenges and aspirations, our specialist consultants gauge their current and future needs to ensure the equipment they choose continues to bring them the maximum advantage. 

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Integrating AV and IT

The ever-closer convergence of AV with IT infrastructure brings fantastic opportunities. Properly integrated, AV and IT can deliver efficiency-boosting and cost-saving benefits including wireless sharing and streaming, maintenance monitoring and simultaneous IP-based content distribution. Crossover has long-established expertise in tailoring integrated systems for our clients, to enhance their data security, maximise communication benefits and support their evolving business needs.

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Planning Stages of an audiovisual Project

Acoustic Consultancy

Even the best AV systems can be compromised by a building’s acoustics. The good news is, there is a broad range of measures that effectively mitigate this, so that your staff – and your customers – can enjoy optimal audio performance. With your budget in mind, and extensive experience in building regulation compliance, our specialist acoustic consultants are ready to advise you on how to modify your premises, or finesse your new-build plans, to ensure they are the perfect arena for superb sound. ­ 

BBC Media City

Acoustic Consultancy work for the BBC, part of a design consultancy task leading to a commission in their Media Centre auditorium

Experience Lab collaboration observation
Experience Lab

Over a year was spent on AV design consulting for these bespoke testing/observation labs.

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