Expert AV Design

Crossover's technical team offer expert AV design services for any commercial AV challenge.

Our breadth of experience across a range of industry verticals, gained over decades of audiovisual systems design and AV installation projects, industry accreditations, and use of advanced software and measurement tools, ensures Crossover's clients get the very best in audiovisual technical insight.

In fact, many of Crossover's projects and client relationships began with a standalone AV systems design engagement.

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AV consultancy for any space or challenge

Expert AV design at any stage of the audiovisual systems life-cycle:

  • Future insights and strategy decisions
  • Full design, specification & planning for AV installations
  • Invitation to tender document packages
  • Installation document packages - CAD, AV schematics, layouts, rack elevations, cable schedules
  • AV network and IT integration
  • On-site AV project management
  • End user training - on site or via remote session
  • User manuals and best practice guides
  • Equipment life-cycle and replacement planning
Why Work with Crossover
Consulting closely with our clients to gain detailed insight into their current and future needs helps Crossover’s experts guide AV-related decisions that make technical, financial and strategic sense.

AV Systems Review and Recommendations

If you find yourself plagued with issues caused by your existing audio or audiovisual systems, Crossover's AV Design Team can conduct a full technical review and report on ways to improve performance.

Whether it's a boardroom, auditorium, boutique fitness studio, event space or retail environment, Crossover's expertise will get to the heart of the problems and give you clear options to move forward with.

AV Tender Document Packages

In instances where you’d like potential suppliers to undergo a formal tender process for your audiovisual requirements, we provide the appropriate technical documentation to facilitate this, giving vendors a watertight set of guidelines to adhere to when quoting for your new AV system equipment or install. When the submissions from your vendors are aimed at a the same tightly defined target, it’s much more straightforward to compare their quotes, which might otherwise vary significantly in feature set and quality.

Digme cyclist close-up
For boutique fitness operator Digme Fitness, Crossover's consultants helped develop a franchise model, so that the first-class spin and fitness studio AV systems in their UK sites can be successfully replicated around the world in Digme's characteristic style.

AV Design for Boutique Fitness and Spin Studios

With Crossover's industry-leading expertise in the design and installation of audiovisual systems for gyms, spin studios and boutique fitness facilities, we've undertaken a number of AV design projects in this industry around the globe.

We offer a full range of design services, depending on your needs and budget, to guide you from concept, through choices in design and equipment specification, installation partner liaison and consideration of on-going AV service and maintenance.

We selected Crossover for the Audio and Video work in London of our first Rumble Gym outside of France and we've never regretted our choice. Their teams' dedication, organisation and communication has been exemplary. They are known to be the reference when it comes to high-end or complex AV projects, especially for the fitness industry, and proved it once more. We will undoubtedly work with them again as we open new locations in the UK.

Lenka Chubuklieva, Director, Rumble Gym UK

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