AV Service and Maintenance

The key to equipment longevity in any audiovisual system is meticulous systems design, coupled with expert equipment installation & commissioning, followed by regular maintenance. Contracts can be tailored to cover any audio or AV equipment at any number of locations, and can be extended to systems not installed by Crossover, providing a convenient single port of call in mixed asset locations.

Crossover have been fantastic at both installing systems at our newest studio and continual AV support services across all our other sites. They are extremely responsive within a timely manner and very knowledgeable. A pleasure to work with.

Portia Graham - Regional Manager - Psycle

AV technical support, as and how you need it

Crossover provide technical support cover, to ensure minimal downtime if things do go wrong with your AV system. Our engineers can walk your staff through initial troubleshooting steps over the phone, which can often result in a rapid resolution to technical issues. If the issue cannot easily be resolved remotely our cover can offer response times as short as two hours, and can include next-day loan equipment in the event of a breakdown. Having this level of help to hand provides peace of mind for your facilities or IT staff responsible for the running of the AV systems.

We will audit your requirements and design a bespoke maintenance package to suit your specific needs and budget. We will tailor call-out response times and other elements of a support agreement, to suit your requirements. We’re happy to provide you with a reactive ad hoc service, or a fully-fledged programme of scheduled preventative maintenance visits and a support package with stringent minimum guaranteed service levels (SLAs), and next day loan equipment… or something between the two.

Rochester Row montage.PNG
110 Rochester Row conference centre in Victoria, London, have a long-standing AV service and maintenance agreement with Crossover that keeps their high-spec AV systems in great shape, and their staff fully supported through any AV-related problems

Preventative Maintenance

A well-managed preventative maintenance program extends the life of your equipment and minimizes downtime and repair costs. Periodic professional cleaning and re-calibration can also optimize the AV systems’ performance and prevent problems occurring. Regular scheduled maintenance visits also ensure that your systems are running on the latest firmware, are kept dust free, have clean air filters, and that the image quality of your projectors and displays is at their best. Our trained Support Engineers are also often able to spot user-error issues early and re-train end-users on the correct operational methodologies.

We started using Crossover less than a year ago and they have already made a massive difference to us. The team are great to work with and nothing is too much trouble. There is always a calm, friendly voice when we ring for support. They know the product very well and are extremely focused with every issue we present to them. Crossover always touch base with information when a unit is sent off for repair which is very important for me. Overall, I am delighted with the service they provide.

Catriona Fairtlough - Centre Manager - Fitch Learning

Remote Monitoring

Crossover can offer 24x7 real-time monitoring of your facility, looking for problems, and providing our support specialists with alerts and important technical data that then enables fast troubleshooting and fault resolution. Using the latest management software systems from world leading manufacturers such as Crestron and AMX, our Technical Support team can remotely monitor the operation of your AV assets in real-time, meaning we can dramatically improve your facility’s uptime. Following an early detection of a potential system problem or device failure, we can often identify and resolve potential issues remotely. These systems also allow us to identify when software and firmware updates need to be carried out, and then deliver them remotely.

Digme Paid photo
Digme Fitness benefit from remote monitoring of the AV equipment at their boutique fitness studios, which enables Crossover's engineers to investigate and often resolve issues with their first-class audio and lighting systems in rapid time

End User Training

Our experienced Staff Trainers will ensure that your staff get the most out of your audio or AV systems, and can use these resources with total confidence. Concise, tailored, reactive training sessions with the end users are a key part of every one of our installation projects, but we also offer additional training sessions for new starters or those needing a refresher.   

User Guides

To help staff operate AV systems correctly we can provide clear user guides, well-written in straightforward non-technical language and full of helpful photos, diagrams, screenshots and annotations. These may range from a single-page laminated user operational guide to be left with the AV systems, to a longer reference document explaining all the key functionality of a system.

We also produce more technical and in-depth documentation for system administrators and technical facilities staff, complete with troubleshooting guides to help the in-house team diagnose and resolve the most likely AV problems.