1  We Get To Know Your Organisation and the Project

We work to understand not only what you consider to be your core requirements, but also your preferences and the reasons behind them. 

We look at ways your existing systems are working or not working for you, and the specifics of your infrastructure. 

Once we have a feel for your organization's culture, we also try to consider where you might be in a few years from now. We want to understand you and your environment.

2  Technical Finesse: Systems Design & Proposal

Crossover's team are known for their attention to the smallest of details. We design AV solutions that are high quality, reliable, and user-friendly. From the smallest elements upwards, we start every project design with a blank page.

We are known for the quality of our detailed, jargon-free and easy to understand proposals. In a way that seems to be unrivalled in the industry, we will give you a clear visualisation of the final installation, and a description of how the technology will work to meet your objectives.

Where appropriate, we present a variety of options, and explain each of them clearly, meaning that we empower those in charge of budgets to make informed decisions.  

3  Finalize the Specification & Scope of Works

The vital review stage involves feedback from the client on our proposals and collaborative discussions to ensure all stakeholders are clear about what the system will deliver. We make necessary changes to the specifications.

For avoidance of any doubt and so that you don’t take on any risk, we create a document, that sets out the exact scope of Crossover’s responsibilities and the capabilities of the system once installed. This can then be referred to at any stage, to ensure that all requirements & expectations have been considered and that we've delivered the project to the agreed specification.

4  Establishing a Delivery Plan

We will identify, where relevant, how the installation will integrate with a main project’s timeline and work in a collaborative and responsive way with all third parties. Our project teams are well versed at minimising downtime through detailed planning and being flexible and accommodating. 

Many of our projects involve the integration of our new audio or AV systems into elements of your legacy infrastructure that will continue to be used, and we'll always look to help you retain equipment that doesn't need to be replaced.

Throughout the project we create and maintain a large directory of  building-industry-standard documentation, which ensures that information is available and easy to share at short notice, and all post-install care can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

5  Fully Managed Project Delivery: Installation, Commissioning, Testing

When it comes to working with third parties, we've got a hard-earned reputation that often precedes us. Design and build firms, fit out companies, architects and specialist contractors regularly mention to us and to our clients that they’re impressed with how meticulous, responsive, and flexible we are.

Our AV installations teams are polite & considerate, which is particularly important for projects where the site is in use during installation, but it helps on busy building sites too!

Not only do we boast world class installation and commissioning engineers, we also employ checklist-based test and commissioning procedures to ensure nothing is missed. You can be certain that a Crossover-delivered project means your AV solutions will perform to the highest possible standards, and that the audio and video elements will be tuned perfectly.

 Handover, Training and After Care

We place huge importance on end-user training. Your staff will receive training that's tailored to their needs; we will ensure they'll get the best out of the installed systems and will be able to use them with ease and confidence.

When it comes to post-install support and maintenance we are speedy, reliable and effective. When a Crossover engineer arrives at your site they will be familiar with your systems. They will be armed with our schematics, and of course the right tools and equipment for diagnosis and repair.

We offer a full range of support services, including contractual support agreements, remote systems monitoring, ad-hoc or scheduled preventative maintenance visits, and help the technical planning and running of events.

6 Steps to success diagram
Crossover people are known for their attention to the smallest of details. From the smallest elements upwards, we start every project design with a blank page.
Planning Stages of an audiovisual Project
AV Equipment Repair