Traditionally AV and IT infrastructure have existed and operated mostly independently, with only a small degree of connectivity / interfacing. Under the IT umbrella comes servers, PCs, Ethernet network and telephony. On the AV side, screens, projectors, amps, microphones and loudspeakers, which used to always exist independently from any IT considerations, and have separate cabling and connections.

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) the industries have converged. Devices can be linked into the regular IT network and connect with software systems and services. This opens up new benefits in the AV sphere:

  • Wireless control e.g. touch panels, tablets running control applications to change audio volume, display input source
  • Wireless sharing and streaming content from laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Monitoring  - e.g. projection bulb hours used vs. expected life of bulb
  • Reporting -  e.g. checking usage statistics to make facilities more efficient
  • Automating - e.g. automated shutdown of all systems after a certain time
  • Administration - e.g. updating firmware
  • IP-based Content Distribution (uni-cast, multicast and broadcast) - e.g. sending content to huge numbers of digital signage displays simultaneously
  • Remote access and control - making AV accessible to all users wherever they may be
  • Remote diagnosis and troubleshooting

Consider also the following areas where AV and IT truly intersect:

If you need to assess the return-on-investment (ROI) for a new videoconferencing system, it can be made simple to report on the usage and energy consumption. The networked nature of the converged systems allows you to remotely configure a scheduled shutdown each day, or even automatically trigger an email to the support team if a fault is detected.

Crossover have long-since embraced the convergence of AV and IT and are specialists in the kind of systems integration that keeps our clients’ future needs firmly in mind, enhances data security, and allows your staff to benefit from the full integration of our systems with the IT, telephony and buildings management systems used by your organisation.

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