Make a powerful impact on customers and staff alike with large-scale LED videowall displays that have been perfectly tailored to your existing space.

Get creative with cutting-edge multi-screen LED displays

Whether used to present or promote, videowalls are impossible to ignore.

Because of their size and scale, videowalls have the ability to capture the attention (and imagination) of your audience in a matter of milliseconds. Often comprising 9 screens or more, these innovative digital signage solutions can be used to communicate a single message, or deliver multiple types of information simultaneously, depending on the end goal.

Advances in AV technology have ensured that any kind of imagery, as long as it’s of a suitable resolution, will be rendered crystal clear, even on videowalls that are metres in diameter. Content can be displayed and controlled from any source – in many cases, a simple keypad or tablet-like device – and we can configure your wall screens to display your graphics according to any configurative requirements, taking the operational complexity out of your project.   

Major manufacturers are increasingly releasing displays with narrow bezels, too, so many videowalls appear to be almost completely free of visible joins – a real advantage for clients who favour a contemporary look and want to maintain the visual impact of their space. 

videowall on peerless mount
A large-format videowall, with pop-out mounting solution for easy serviceability

We’ll design and install a fully bespoke videowall for your premises

Crossover has specialist knowledge of the latest videowall systems. Our engineers can source and install video wall screens that meet your exacting specifications, and they will use their exceptional experience in AV design to find solutions that take any preferences or limitations into account.

We typically install videowalls in event venues, conference spaces and key retail advertising locations – but whatever your vision, we’re confident we can find and tailor the technology to suit any creative purpose. 

In many cases, LED wall screens can be used to create a display that’s just as impressive and attention-grabbing as a large format, single screen setup, but at a significantly lower cost. Talk to us today to discover how we can help you enhance your AV setup and create a striking videowall installation that will transform your commercial environment – at a price point that suits your organisation.