The Client and the Brief

IFF Research is an industry-leading social and market research company that stand out in a competitive field by providing tailor-made research solutions that achieve substantive insight, as well as empower and inform strategic decisions across both the public and private sectors. In 2015 they celebrated 50 years since being founded as Industrial Facts and Forecasts by Lord MacIntosh of Haringey, and in 2018 the company relocated to new and beautifully situated offices overlooking the Thames. The move represents a change in geographical location but also a shift towards improved working practices and capabilities with additional collaborative workspaces, an events space for research seminars and a dedicated on-site testing/viewing facility.

Crossover were delighted to be chosen to design and install the AV for the entire new office, including bespoke AV solutions to achieve these workflow enhancements, based on our track record in delivering audiovisual systems for boardrooms, meeting rooms and event spaces that seamlessly aid effective presentation and communication of information and ideas. Crossover's aim was not only to accommodate but to optimise the investigative, discursive and collaborative working environment integral to the day-to-day research practices at IFF. 

IFF Research empty office

Above: Before the move - pictures showing the IFF Research offices as an empty shell with fantastic views.

Testing / Observation Facility

Crossover’s experience in providing AV for user testing facilities made them a perfectly suited partner to meet IFF Research’s needs for gathering audiovisual data from consumer focus group sessions. A test and observation room system including a high-spec recording system, audio monitoring and precision camera control was installed. Observers can gather data live and also capture the proceedings for analysis later. 

A Polycom SoundStructure audio processing unit is at the heart of the integrated audio system that facilitates audio capture on the recording PC and observation room sound reinforcement for observers to hear what's going on in the testing room.

A bespoke iPad-based control system with IFF Research branding makes the testing lab audiovisual systems easy to use, even for non-technical staff. 

Videowall for Events Space

At the heart of the new offices is an expansive partitionable space with panoramic views along the river, a confidently modern, open-plan and multi-purpose environment for every member of staff that accommodates both the boardroom and the staff mess area. 

As the focal point of this space Crossover meticulously installed and commissioned a 4x4 Samsung videowall, suited to company meetings, presentations, signage and social events. 

IFF videowall

IFF videowall clickshare

Above: The 4x4 videowall is connected to a ClickShare wireless presentation system, enabling extremely straightforward wireless connection from a laptop or smart device. 

Discreet but effective ceiling tile speakers were installed to provide sound reinforcement across the entire partitionable space. These speakers intelligently switch sources according to the room configuration.

Videoconferencing and Control System for Boardroom

The partitionable boardroom space also incorporated a flexible videoconferencing system based around a full HD HuddleCam PTZ (Point-Tilt-Zoom) camera, Polycom ceiling mics and a Polycom SoundStructure audio processor. 

These elements, and the partitionable nature of the environment determined the requirement for a highly customised control system design, based around AMX processors and custom-built IFF-branded iPad-based control GUI’s, integrating the various audiovisual elements into a user-friendly app-like interface that helps even non-technical staff make the most of the boardroom audiovisual system. 

Audiovisual Systems for Meeting Rooms

Additional multiple, low profile and fully integrated videoconferencing systems were installed across various rooms in the offices, based around Acendo Vide Soundbars, allowing impromptu private calls and conferences, or spontaneous face-to-face remote conversations with clients throughout the normal working day.

Location: City of London / London Bridge
Industry: Social and Market Research
Project: AV for Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms, Event Space, Testing/Observation facility and Open Plan Offices
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