The Client and the Site 

The world’s first standalone Ferrari Atelier, in the famous Berkeley Hotel on Knightsbridge, London, caters for clients the world over.  

This global Ferrari flagship will enable customers to spend time with a factory trained Ferrari specialist building the car of their dreams. With the latest state-of-the-art touch screen configurator it's possible to really see how your car will look when finished, with real-time visualization of your design choices.

The Brief 

In the first instance Crossover was brought onto the project as a result of our reputation as an AV company who are unusual in being experts in the audio side of audiovisual systems just as much as the video side of this combination. We were asked to deliver a multizone background audio system that needed to set the tone perfectly for this palace of luxury. 

So pleased was the client with our service and the results which we delivered, we were then asked to supply and install a large flatscreen display to be recess-mounted in a prime position behind the reception desk. 

As a third, separate stage, Crossover was then asked to supply and install a very large flatscreen display and the accompanying video distribution system. This display was to take pride of place in the front of the site facing onto the street - Knightsbridge - some of the world's premier retail frontage. Our brief was to deliver something of very high quality and eye-catching, but also cost-effective. Our systems designers suggested that the client should consider a videowall instead of a single large screen as this would create a display that would be just as impressive and attention-grabbing but at a significantly reduced project cost. 

Having delivered all of these elements to a delighted client, Crossover was then asked to deliver similar audio and AV systems for the Ferrari showroom on the Old Brompton Road, Kensington.

The Solution 

Both the Kensington and Knightsbridge sites benefit from high quality multi-zone audio systems. These provide evenly dispersed background audio that helps to create a luxurious ambience in the showrooms. The volume of the audio and what audio is playing can be controlled independently in different areas of the showroom. 

In both sites Crossover also installed a large-scale flatscreen display recess-mounted behind the reception desk; these dynamic, high resolution high contrast display are usually the first things that catch a visitor's eye when entering the showroom. 

In the Ferrari atelier, a large videowall facing onto the street plays Ferrari-related video branding material to the delight of passers-by, many of whom stop to photograph the front of the showroom! 

Project Highlights 

Crossover being asked to expand their Scope of Works considerably having impressed the client with our service, attitude, and the quality of the background audio system and digital signage display solution that we designed and installed. 

Finding a way to deliver a High Definition videowall installed for a fraction of the cost that the client would have paid if we'd just proceeded with the solution as they had asked us to. 

Seeing Crossover's contributions to a pair of stunning, completely-revamped premises, looking and sounding suitably excellent. 

The Grand Opening of the Ferrari Atelier, which was officiated by the Formula One star Felipe Massa.

Ferrari 1

Sector: Showrooms
Sites: Kensington and Knightsbridge, London
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