Digital signage that engages your audience

The digital signage of today isn’t just about the simple display of text or images on a flatscreen, it’s a powerful, flexible tool to display engaging content, with exciting options for interactivity. In addition to this, user-defined scheduling means that you can make a single display work in a multitude of ways, and you can target content at the right audiences at the right time.

Digital signage that enhances your brand

High-quality content is key to communicating your brand. Our experienced digital content designers can work with you to both craft perfectly brand-aligned media content, and specify the AV hardware that will showcase it to most powerful effect. Crossover offer a 360 degree package of digital signage services, from content creation to signage installation and ongoing technical support and maintenance.

Engaging customers, clients and internal staff in different ways, digital signage software can allow a single flatscreen display to perform a multitude of functions, either through split-screen layouts, or by scheduling content, or even through interactive touch screen technology. And if you want to combine different forms of media - static content, text, video and social media feeds - that's possible too.

Bespoke Digital Signage Content Creation
Bespoke digital signage solution for Lush, Oxford Street

Digital signage enables content to really work for you; some of the ways it can deliver real value to your organization are by:

  1. Creating a stronger brand image
  2. Increasing customer engagement with your brand
  3. Improving the visitor experience
  4. Creating the ‘wow factor’: exciting and memorable experiences with real impact
  5. Easily disseminating information in a clear and timely way
  6. Driving sales

Digital signage can transform a whole conference centre, by allowing the building to assume the corporate identity of the client hiring the space at the click of a button. Or it can be used in a corporate reception area to show scheduled personalised content aligned with the interests of your important visitors.

For example, it’s fairly common now to see signage used in exhibition halls to provide wayfinding information, however a single digital sign could be used here in two ways: first, to show a default image giving information about the immediate surrounds, but also giving the visitor the option to explore the building further, with a searchable floorplan of building.

In retail, digital signage is exploited to offer targeted promotions based on the time of day or year.

Compared with printed signs, digital signs are much quicker to change and update, at lower cost, and new content can be rolled out simultaneously across every store in an international retail chain at the touch of a button from one central location.

Interactive digital signage

Signage solutions can also work interactively. Give your customers the ability to order a product, check for stock levels of different sizes in the store, or even take a photo of themselves wearing your products and sent it to their friends for feedback in realtime. You can use interactive digital signage to allow your customers to browse your website for more detailed product information, then use this information to show them images or videos of other products they might be interested in. Crossover delivered just such a project for global cosmetics brand Lush in their flagship Oxford Street store, read more about it here.

Lush Digital Signage

Digital signage is not limited to benefiting retail environments, for instance in a music venue, realtime travel information can be a handy addition to a screen near the exits. Or, in a corporate workplace room booking functionality for your office could be placed on a touch screen panel that also shows your canteen menu for the day.

Scheduling for signage solutions

Digital signage can be scheduled across days, weeks, years, or even change according to variables such as the ambient light level, or the number of customers passing the display. Our solutions are designed so that they can grow with your business, so if your business covers multiple sites or countries, updates can be broadcast simultaneously and internationally, across thousands of screens, at the click of a mouse.

digital signage network
Remote administration for multiple networked digital signage players