Digme Fitness are now recognised as providing some of the best gyms in the UK, offering world class indoor cycling and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes across London. Their latest venue, a flagship site, is situated right inside London Blackfriars railway station, conveniently next to platform 2, making it a handy workout opportunity for thousands of commuters passing through the station each day. 

Over the course of three previous projects with Digme Fitness Crossover have an developed an excellent working relationship with Digme, refining the AV technologies employed to give them the robust functionality they require for the space at an extremely competitive price. In addition, Crossover are proud to a proven track record of success in delivering each previous Digme projects on time and to an excellent standard.

Crossover were delighted to be awarded the project to deliver a first-class sound, video and lighting experience for their fourth high-calibre fitness venue. 

digme team activity lights

The two key elements delivered by Crossover included a top quality audio system, and spectacular lighting displays, designed to create an immersive and intense sensory experience for users. 

The Spin room features eight Martin Audio CDD8 (Audio Coaxial Differential Dispersion) loudspeakers that are compact, yet powerful passive speakers designed to achieve a wide and consistent sound dispersion across a room. These were accompanied by four Martin Audio CSX112 Subwoofers that were placed around the room to provide powerful low end room response. The same high quality Martin Audio loudspeakers were installed in the adjoining HIIT room, providing an immense sound system to get the adrenaline flowing during sessions and enhance the first class fitness training that Digme deliver so well. 

Digme Fitness, Blackfriars. Spin Room

Crossover's considered and holistic approach to system design allows the audio system to be pushed to loud volumes without the threat of feedback from the instructors wireless headset microphone or distortion from pushing speakers too hard day in day out. This is down to quality back-end rack equipment such as feedback suppressors and sophisticated and a fully configurable DSP (Digital Signal Processing) unit that limits the output of speakers and intelligently mixes (automatically) the instructors voice so that it cuts through loud music. The overall result is clear, intelligible and accurate music and vocal reproduction. 

Vibrant LED lighting strips around the studio steps and across the ceiling flash in an array of colours in perfect synchronization, as the music pumps out the beat, at a nightclub-style level of volume. Lighting presets can be controlled by an intuitive touch panel on a podium at the front of the class, giving the instructor complete autonomy of lights to suit the mood, pace and style of their class; volume and music can also be controlled on the same platform making for an ergonomic control system for users. 

Behind the instructor are three large Full HD display screens, which keep cyclists informed of their performance via a sophisticated data system that tracks stats in real time as well as showing a virtual terrain for cyclists to follow. 

Digme Fitness, Blackfriars. iPad control

Crossover are very proud to contribute to another quality facility, and delighted to have been chosen for the fourth consecutive time by Digme to deliver the AV and lighting systems for their venue. 

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Location: Blackfriars Railways Station
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Digme Blackfriars HIIT room