The Client - Groupon

Groupon is a household name all over the world, active in 15 countries, with more than 6,000 employees globally, more than 47 million active customers, and more than 1.5 billion Groupon deals sold. Their mobile app has more than 200 million downloads, and is one of the Top 6 ranked apps of all time on iOS.

The Brief - Zoom Rooms, AV for Boardroom and Event Space

After a very successful overhaul of their previous London HQ, Crossover were invited to implement the entire AV solutions at Groupon’s newly acquired offices in Aldgate East.

Clear communication between their many global offices is of prime importance to Groupon and as such, quick and efficient meetings were at the forefront of their needs, as well as a presentation space from which Groupon could broadcast events to their employees and partners worldwide.

Groupon Event Space
Events can be broadcast and recorded from Groupon's new presentation space

The Solutions

More than 30 meeting rooms of different sizes, each including a full Zoom Room solution were fitted out with AV systems by Crossover.

The new Boardroom was equipped with an advanced custom Zoom Room solution, featuring a smart 'ceiling tile' microphone solution from manufacturer Shure. 

Presentation / broadcast space including:

  • Powerful Christie projection solution – dealing with high ambient light levels
  • Multiple input and output connection points, enabling multiple sources to be connected to the projector and the broadcast desk
  • Custom iPad control interface, which also allows the system to be controlled from anywhere in the world (particularly useful for their Media Department in Chicago, who sometimes need to remotely fine tune details of a broadcast in real time)
  • The presentation space is in itself a Zoom Room, allowing for remote participants to interact directly with the presenters in real time
  • Crystal clear microphone reinforcement system, utilising a combination of meticulously calibrated Martin Audio and Sennheiser equipment

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Client: Groupon
Project: Office relocation
Location: Aldgate East, London
Groupon Logo
Groupon reception