Groupon's London HQ is a thoroughly modern and colourful space, located next to the Thames near London Bridge. Featuring exquisitely designed contemporary furniture and design, Crossover contributed modern AV systems to help Groupon work and relax in a fast-paced e-commerce industry environment.

One of the highlights of the project is a breakout area for Groupon staff. In this area display screens and a projection system can be used when hosting events or on a day-to-day basis show current affairs and news shows. Very simple and intuitive control over the AV systems is provided with push-button keypads, that even the least technically competent users can operate.

The projection systems and display screens are coupled with a background audio system that can play music at low level, or provide sound and vocal reinforcement at company events and presentations in the space. Sophisticated signal processing units sculpt the sound in order to make the most out of the system within the room, as well as being able to put in place measure to protect the system from misuse. 

Crossover designed the audio system so that an audio feed from a presentation can easily be fed to a separate floor of the building, where it can be recorded or streamed to other offices and venues worldwide. 

All of the AV systems were designed by Crossover for ease of use and rock solid stability, meaning that the Groupon staff are unencumbered with technical problems and able to get on with simply making full use of the AV for business and pleasure.

groupon kitchen

Client: Groupon
Sector: Technology / E-commerce
Location: London
Area: 3,000 sq ft
groupon kitchen screen