Turn your standard meeting rooms into easy to use collaborative spaces with Zoom Rooms.

Zoom is a major player in the modern videoconferencing market. Founded in 2011 by an engineer who built his reputation at Cisco and Webex, Zoom was designed as a next generation collaboration platform that is easy to use and scalable - from handheld device to desktop to meeting room to all-hands space. 

Zoom's growing popularity is noticeable particularly amongst tech companies with a 'developer culture' where a distributed workforce must collaborate frequently across territories, offices and remote work locations with minimal fuss. 

In the 'free to use' entry-level videoconferencing space, Zoom is a great platform, although it can only perform within the limits of your home / wifi network. However, the simplicity and intuitiveness of Zoom's user interface stands out regardless, and this translates across all Zoom Room formats.

Zoom’s mission is to make video communications frictionless

Zoom Rooms allow you to bring high quality videoaudio and web conferencing into any sized room – allowing you to get everyone in the meeting, no matter if they’re in the 5th floor meeting room, the Hong Kong office, or their home office. Zoom Rooms turn every regular meeting into a great meeting. 

zoom ipad and soundbar
A typical Zoom setup for a small to medium sized meeting room, with meetings controlled from a tablet, and audio/video taken care of by a videoconferencing-enabled soundbar with integrated mics and camera

Benefits of Zoom Rooms Videoconferencing: 

These are some of the benefits that Zoom Room solutions provide:

Enhanced productivity – Start meetings with one click, share your screen with your audience in an instant (wired or wirelessly)

Intuitive control – control the meeting from the table, with one very simple and intuitive touch panel interface

Unified user interface – use the same control interface for all your rooms no matter their size, so you don’t have to learn how different rooms work – just walk in, click join, and go!

Tailor the hardware to fit the size of the room – small huddle rooms, big boardrooms, and everything in between. We will help you select the right combination of equipment to match your needs and your budget

Integrated solution – no more messing about with complicated piecemeal setups, just one integrated solution, with approved hardware supported by Zoom

Software based solution, with the reliability of an AV setup – no more wireless keyboards to charge, unsightly USB cables running to the table, cheap webcams loosely hanging from the screen… just one solid professional setup

Make CEOs happy (and IT managers too) – you can track room usage and statistics from a centralised admin console, allowing you to make more informed decisions regarding how to best utilise and grow your rooms 

Zoom VC call
Zoom videoconferencing with a small meeting room equipped with a VC-enabled soundbar and table-mount control tablet

Crossover - expert installers of Zoom and audiovisual hardware for any room size

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