Videoconferencing technology has become easier to use, more flexible and more affordable over the past few years, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. While smartphones, tablets and cloud technology have made communication a lot easier, there are still human and environmental elements that can affect the success of a call.

Lifesize have compiled a short guide with some videoconferencing best practices that you can use to make your calls more effective, productive and successful.

It includes tips on:

  • Minimising distraction and maximising audio quality
  • Lighting, so you can put your best face forward
  • Proper etiquette for interacting with your far-end conference participants on screen

We'd be happy to help you improve or update any existing videoconferencing systems, or the AV environments used to communicate and collaborate. We can also advise on implementing brand new videoconferencing systems to help your business take advantage of its many benefits. 

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