The Covid-19 crisis has disrupted almost every sector in society, and the demands being placed on the education and training sectors are some of the toughest to respond to. With a large percentage of the UK’s population having to remain at home, education and training institutions can no longer offer their services in a traditional way, and distance learning has become the norm with just a couple of days’ notice.

In recent weeks, Crossover’s streaming and broadcasting packages are proving particularly popular with educational institutions and firms who provide training. Our packages are self-contained and designed to help get your teachers, lecturers and trainers connected within minutes. Students and course participants will benefit from much clearer audio and much better video quality than you could achieve from the cameras and microphones in laptops or webcams, and the benefits of this are immediately noticeable. When you’re conveying a lot of information, and asking remote participants to concentrate for long periods of time, this improved clarity is especially important.

Whether it’s streaming a live lecture, or having a class of students all join a videoconference or audio conference, or maybe you’re making and broadcasting a pre-recorded training video, we have created great pre-made packages that we know just work.

Our basic packages can be found below, but if you have a more specific requirement, our design team have systems to cater for all requirements, right up to professional broadcast quality.

When everything else right now is stressful, the tech can be stress-free.

We can also offer reduced pricing for higher volumes of these packages.

Above all, any of these packages will be...

  • Robust, and will provide much better audio and video than you’d be able to get from your phone, laptop or webcam
  • Delivered in an almost ‘plug-and-play’ state; everything’s that’s needed will be included in the delivery to your door, apart from your laptop and an internet connection
  • Sent with our tailor-made ‘for dummies’-type instructions for setup, and the package price includes our support over the phone and on TeamViewer from our friendly UK-based Crossover team to help you get up and running quickly and easily

Videoconferencing from home package

All the equipment you need for joining conference calls and videoconferences at home from your laptop, with very high quality audio and video capture.



  • Everything you need to run high quality conference calls from your laptop or computer.
  • Full setup instructions and remote support via TeamViewer.
  • High Definition wide-angle camera from Huddly cam that sits on your laptop display or your desktop screen.
  • High quality noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset microphone from Plantronics for best-in-class audio capture, vital for intelligible meetings where you can just project your voice normally, and those on the remote end will hear you with the best possible quality.

High Quality Videoconferencing at home package: £702.34 + VAT (incl. delivery to UK address)

Please get in touch to order now, or for more details.

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