Sound Systems for Events Spaces, Conference Centres, Theatres and Auditoria

Crossover are experts at delivering quality sound systems for large-scale meeting and event spaces, conference centres, theatres and auditoria.

Flexible Usage

With a venue that may need to switch from staging a single lecturer or stand-up comedian one night, to a large drama group on-stage and full orchestra pit the next, the system must deliver sonically but also discreetly blend in with its (perhaps historic) surroundings and meet a budget.

Lecture theatres, concert halls and auditoria are venues that have to be highly functional, facilitating presentation clarity throughout whilst offering flexibility in operation combined with ease of use. 

110 roch row reception
110 Rochester Row conference centre has a feature-rich AV system and multizone audio system

Audio & Acoustics

The quality of an audio system and the acoustic treatment in these large spaces plays a crucial role, harnessing the venue’s natural acoustics to enhance the sound, whilst containing or eliminating phenomena such as echoes and dead spots, which detract from the audience’s enjoyment. Even with a large hall or theatre the space available for AV equipment can be very limited, so a small footprint digital mixing desk or compact loudspeakers providing wide sound coverage may be necessary.

Careful selection and setup of microphones is also key to ensure the audience can clearly hear the message from the stage.

Design, Supply, Installation

Crossover have the design and installation experience to create an audio system from scratch that can best meet these varying requirements, or to upgrade and improve your existing AV environment to bring out the most from the talent on stage.

If a control system is required we will work closely with your teams to ensure the audio system is user-friendly and operates intuitively.

Grey GUI presets page
Our bespoke control system for Grey London features 'one touch' presets to configure the audio system in their events space for a range of purposes

Training, Support, Service & Maintenance

Crossover are proud to partner several high-profile organisations regularly holding large corporate events and lectures. Not only do we install first-class audio systems in lecture halls, theatres, event spaces and auditoriums but we often go on to providing long-term technical support, through event technicians, remote assistance for AV-related issues and on-site service engineers for regular service and maintenance visits.

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