Background music and audio systems

Setting the right ambience with background audio is critical to the experience of your customers and staff. Music can demonstrably be used to energise a store, or used to promote a comfortable relaxed state in a restaurant. The success of these systems are a huge factor in shaping your customers’ opinion of the venue and even your brand. 

Crossover can help you choose the right sound system for the space, suitable to the audio / music content to be used. 

Design, supply and installation

Our designers and installation teams have a breadth of experience delivering world-class background music systems in high-end boutique gyms, retail environments and showrooms, conference centres, hotels, bars and restaurants. 

Our design team will factor in how your staff will interact with the system, for ease of operation, control and to minimise technical problems.

4 degree pendant
Pendant-mounted speakers provide background music at luxury restaurant Four Degree, London

Crossover supply audio and audiovisual equipment to the whole of the UK, and work hard on our supply chain to secure the best prices for our customers. We operate a lean organisation to keep costs down.

Our sound system installations are notable for meticulous attention to detail and very careful calibration to suit the space.

Brand agnosticism

Crossover are brand agnostic and approach each project with a carte blanche approach, sourcing the best solutions on the market to meet your background audio needs. 

We can install a range of different loudspeakers in a discreet and stylish fashion, as appropriate to the physical environment and the optimum sound coverage. 

Mercato deli with speakers
Crossover installed various background audio systems at Mercato Metropolitano, across their 45,000 sq ft site in London

Ceiling speakers or wall-mount?

In many corporate environments, flush-mounted ceiling speaker installation is most appropriate for a discreet aesthetic.  

Where loudspeakers need to be positioned closer to the ear, Crossover can provide a range of mounting solutions, including tilting wall-mounts and hanging pendant mounts.

Wide-dispersion loudspeakers spread sound over a larger area so make sense where you need to maximise coverage. 

merchants tavern bar
Crossover used a bespoke wall-mount solution for the Klipsch Heresy retro-styled loudspeakers specified for Merchants Tavern

Training, support, service & maintenance

Crossover's background audio systems are designed to be simple for non-technical staff to operate. Even so, every project includes a comprehensive training session for staff, plus on-going technical support. 

Many of our customers choose an AV service and maintenance agreement with Crossover to give their staff peace of mind, and ensure the sound systems stay in first-class condition.

Background sound systems - additional services

At Crossover we can provide not only the full design, installation, calibration, training and ongoing support of background audio systems; we can also help you when it comes to supporting elements of the acoustic environment, including acoustic treatment and bespoke music content curation.

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