“We didn’t want to do ‘just another’ installation box, we really wanted to bring fresh thinking and innovation to the install market and with it deliver superior sound quality and coverage." - Jason Baird, R&D director

Martin Audio are a globally respected manufacturer frequently spotted in music venues, bars, clubs and really anywhere that requires an audio system installation. Their versatility is a true sign of their quality and reputation. The Martin Audio CDD range is no different, having been acknowledged in the AV industry for their market-leading technology.  

        Martin Audio CDD awards

CDD Dispersion Pattern Martin audio

CDD or Coaxial Differential Dispersion is a UK patented technology employed by Martin Audio.  The technology is designed to increase loudspeakers dispersion over a venue not only in terms of how far the sound travels, but also coverage consistency. The benefit of an  increased coverage area is not only producing a better quality and orderly sound, but it  also reduces the speaker count in larger installations by up to 25%. Resulting in a cheaper system to install and run, with less space taken up by speaker cabinets. 

Crossover frequently recommend this range of speakers to our potential clients, whether it be a high end gym, conference center, or events space. We have used the CDD range speakers in numerous installs with great success and feedback from our clients. 

The Goldsmiths' Centre: 


This beautifully designed multi-purpose event's space regularly hosts presentations, exhibitions, seminars and social events. This required a dynamic and effective system design. Using six CDD8 range loudspeakers we designed a system that made the venue appropriate for microphone and background music reinforcement - the system also had zoning capabilities to reproduce two different audio sources, this was to cater to the rooms ability to be divided in to two independent presentation spaces. 

We received excellent feedback on the performance and sound quality of the system and as a team, we were very pleased with the installation and sound quality of the CDD range. 

Digme Fitness

Digme fitness classes are one of the best fitness workouts around, they pride themselves on bringing an immersive, intense 'nightclub' like environment to all it's participants. The CDD range has been employed to deliver adrenaline pumping, quality sound in all of their four studios for good reason. Additionally these installation include a number of CDD matched direct radiating subwoofers for low end extension and energy; adding to the atmosphere. 

Their prevalent use in music venues and nightclubs such as the prestigious Ministry of Sound in London indicates their quality and made them an ideal choice for the Digme studios high energy and immersive classes. 

CDD speaker range
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martin audio cdd

I’m very happy with the whole install. It is intuitive and performs superbly. Again, brilliant

M Lloyd – The Goldsmiths’ Centre