Bicester Village is arguably the UK’s best known out-of-town retail environment, and probably the outlet shopping village held in most high esteem by shopping aficionados and retail-aholics looking for an all-in-one experience in close proximity to London. Home to dozens of outlet boutiques of the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle brands, the Village offers an unrivalled luxury outlet shopping experience for discerning shoppers in what have become tourist destinations in their own right. 

Crossover won a competitive tender process to secure the project to design, supply and install this huge site’s Public Address (PA) audio systems, including all public walkways, acres of outside space, and the multi-storey car park. Working out-of-hours over a long, cold winter, and largely under the cover of darkness, our expert installation team laid thousands of metres of quality audio cable in, through, under and behind the pre-existing infrastructure of the site in order to deliver a visibly-unobtrusive and acoustically ideal audiovisual fit-out.