Wherever sound matters: installing or upgrading an audio system, or solving a problem with acoustics.

3D Acoustic Modelling

acoustic modelling

From reverberant boardrooms rooms to cavernous exhibition halls; from announcement systems in listed buildings to bars with complaints from the neighbours; from world class nightclubs to live music venues; from conference centres with screeching microphone feedback to restaurants where all diners notice is the terrible racket – we’ve helped them all. Whenever there’s an audio element to a project, our in-house acoustic technicians ensure that your solution is designed, installed and calibrated to deliver optimal speech intelligibility and audio quality, and to keep the audio energy where it’s needed. Where appropriate, we use advanced computer modelling software to ensure we reach the highest standards possible, and to quantify the results we have delivered. At every stage of the project we will work collaboratively with you and all relevant third parties (your architect, interior designers and design & build firm, for example) to deliver the project seamlessly and in the most cost efficient way.

Case Study
BBC Media City

Crossover utilised 3D acoustic modelling to analyze a multi-purpose auditorium at the BBC, which helped to identify the best loudspeakers and loudspeaker placements in this acoustically-challenging space.

Multizone Audio Systems

blueprint scrolls

To give you a good level of control and flexibility, and to allow you to set the tone perfectly at any given time, and in any area, audio systems can be split into zones, with each zone able to operate at different volumes and perhaps also able to play a different audio source. The systems can be designed so that zones can be designed to be able to be controlled globally or independently. The audio source(s) can be located locally (in each zone), or in one central location. Multizone audio systems can double up as public announcement (or ‘paging’) systems, and can be integrated with fire alarms to automatically shutdown the music when the fire alarm is triggered. Further flexibility and control can be added using automation such as programming a changing maximum volume at which the system can output, so that throughout the course of your business’s opening hours in any day, the system can only be used by your staff to a volume that’s appropriate. EQ and compression settings can adjust in line with this, to get the most appropriate acoustic balance for when your venue is quiet and when it’s packed.

110 Rochester Row Conference Centre Ground Floor

110 Rochester Row is a thriving multi-space flexible facility with elegant control over individual audio zones

Voice Alarm, Public Address & Paging Systems

Emergency LED light

When a Public Address (PA) system will also be used for Voice Alarm (VA) important legislature must be followed in design functionality, installation and maintenance to ensure that in the event of an emergency the public and staff are safely evacuated from your building or facility by a clear and reliable system.

Whether your requirement is for a simple recorded voice alarm system, or a fully automated and zoned audio system that performs multiple functions, we’ll design the solution from scratch to ensure that our proposals match your site perfectly and meet legal safety requirements (such as BSEN60849: 1998 ‘Sound Systems for Emergency Purposes’ and BS5839-8: 2013 ‘Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings’). For systems in Shopping Centres, Warehouses and Stadiums Crossover implement safety features such as automatic monitoring and fault reporting, utilisation of secondary power supplies and circuit protection, plus automated muting of ambient music and integration with Fire Alarm, Building Management and AV Systems.

Crossover can ensure legal compliance and your peace of mind with a cost effective solution that is easy to use, rock solid and delivers your message with clarity.

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Bicester Villiage

The design and install of this huge outlet shopping village's Public Address (PA) and Voice Alarm system covered all public walkways, acres of outside space, and their multi-storey car park.

Acoustic Treatment

acoustic treatment live room

Noisy office environments can result in dramatically reduced levels of staff productivity, increased stress and job dissatisfaction. Unfortunately contemporary office design often fails to confront this issue, either through a lack of adequate consideration, or through compromising well-designed acoustics for other functional priorities. The desire for offices to reflect openness and flexibility in their architecture and interior design is a trend that continues to gather pace and brings with it particular problems of noise bleeding and poor acoustics requiring well-designed and carefully calibrated solutions.

Passive solutions include acoustic insulation, acoustic panels and furniture and fittings that have been designed with their acoustic properties in mind. These absorb and block excess noise. Methods such as sound masking introduce low-level sound to cover distracting noise and increase privacy.

Crossover have great experience in these acoustic treatment options and often utilise a combination to deliver a solution that suits the design and use of your space and delivers quantifiable results.

Case Study
Stack Exchange
Stack Exchange

For the Stack Exchange offices Crossover implemented acoustic treatments to perfectly complement the modern feel of their working environment..

Live Sound Systems

Audio Engineer.jpg

The UK live music industry now collects more revenue than sales of recorded music. With high-quality production values becoming the norm at concerts, audiences expect more and more from a live sound system, and it is up to the music venue to meet or exceed those expectations if they want to be able to attract the best artists and returning customers. The modern venue’s audio system requires not only the appropriate power, but clarity, presence and evenness of audio dispersion. Crossover has considerable pedigree in designing and delivering world class audio systems for live sound setups, and we've done so across a wide range of project scales and budgets - from international concert venues down to simple systems. In every case, we take huge pride in our work and will deliver the best system possible. We are experts at working in for an acoustically challenging venues often approaching the project holistically, considering closely-related elements such as acoustic treatment and venue layout. When we’re brought in early enough we’re always keen to work closely with architects, interior designers and main build contractor to ensure you get the very best out of your space.

Oblix The Shard

The excellent sound system installed at Oblix is used for live music and background audio in this prestigious restaurant

Background Audio Systems

speaker cone

Setting the right ambience is critical to the experience of your customers and staff, choosing the right music and having the right audio system for the space is perhaps the single most important factor in this. Music can transform a space and so background audio and acoustics play a key role in the success of bars, restaurants, hotels and spas, showrooms and retail environments. Music can demonstrably be used to energise a store, or used to promote a comfortable relaxed state in a spa. The success of these systems are a huge factor in shaping your customers’ opinion of the venue and even your brand. At Crossover we can provide not only the full design, installation, calibration and ongoing support of the audio systems themselves; we can also help you when it comes to supporting elements of the acoustic environment, including acoustic treatment and bespoke music content curation.

Case Study

Zuma’s revolutionary culinary concept and stylish interior are highly revered by some of the world’s most famous celebrities and fine dining aficionados. They now have quality background audio systems for bar and restaurant to match!

Large-scale Public Address Systems

church pa

Whether broadcasting important messages, announcing opening and closing times or playing background music Public Address (PA) systems are an essential part of operations in airports, train stations, stadiums, shopping centres, visitor attractions, conference centres, large office buildings, warehouses, exhibition centres, museums, and department stores. Typically these facilities will require distinct audio ‘zones’ (physical areas) of operation and straightforward user-friendly control interfaces for staff to use.

Public Address (PA) systems on a large scale are an area of particular expertise for Crossover, and we have delivered many such projects successfully for a number of clients across the UK. We design and install great-value systems that provide even audio coverage and clarity throughout a facility, using only professional-quality components known for extreme reliability to ensure low maintenance and running costs. 

Bicester Villiage

The design and install of this huge outlet shopping village's Public Address (PA) system covered all public walkways, acres of outside space, and their multi-storey car park, delivering a visibly-unobtrusive and acoustically ideal AV fit-out.

Installed Audio Systems for Theatres and Auditoria

auditorium theatre

Lecture theatres, concert halls and auditoriums are venues that have to be highly functional, facilitating presentation clarity throughout whilst offering flexibility in operation combined with ease of use. With a venue that may need to switch from staging a single lecturer or stand-up comedian one night, to a large drama group on-stage and full orchestra pit the next, the system must deliver sonically but also discreetly blend in with its (perhaps historic) surroundings and meet a budget.

The quality of an audio system and the acoustic treatment in these large spaces plays a crucial role, harnessing the venue’s natural acoustics to enhance a performance  whilst containing or eliminating phenomena such as echoes and dead spots, which detract from the audience’s enjoyment. Even with a large hall or theatre the space available for AV equipment can be very limited, so a small footprint digital mixing desk or compact loudspeakers providing wide sound coverage may be necessary.

Crossover have the design and installation experience to create an audio system from scratch that can best meet these varying requirements, or to upgrade and improve your existing AV environment to bring out the most from the talent on stage.

Case Study
BBC Auditorium

Crossover were brought in by the BBC to improve the sound system in their acoustically challenging auditorium at White City

Foreground Audio Systems for Nightclubs & DJ Bars

nightclub bar sound system

Audio systems in nightclubs and DJ bars should be impactful and clear, durable and robust, and look great. They need to direct the sound where it’s needed and minimise audio spill to other areas of the venue or and neighbouring properties. Crossover are expert at designing and installing audio systems that deliver best sound possible for the available budget, whilst ensuring that the system cannot exceed councils' licensing restrictions and any other legal requirements. Our systems are durable, even when driven to their maximum night after night, or abused by the most inexperienced DJs. Above all, our systems and solutions sound great; in a decade where so many of us consider ourselves audiophiles, Crossovers' clients and their customers have a higher expectations of the quality of sound in a music venue. Our world class in-house audio commissioning engineers have earnt Crossover our reputation in this sector, designing & delivering some of the best sound systems in the UK.

Barrys Boot camp

Delivering a thumping high-quality audio system in the main gym, including wireless microphone systems and sophisticated Digital Signal Processing (DSP), plus ancillary audio systems for the reception and changing rooms of this modern fitness facility.

Outdoor Audio Systems

outdoor bose speakers

Announcement systems are a feature of most large urban commercial complexes, including airports, train stations, shopping malls, sports stadiums, carparks and racetracks - no built environment is too large or complex for Crossover to deliver the optimal outdoor audio system installation.

We’re practiced at delivering outdoor audio systems that withstand testing weather conditions and temperature variations. Usually in Britain this means dealing with wind and (all too often) rain, implementing audio systems featuring weather-resistant loudspeakers, waterproof enclosures and protection for electrical circuits. It also involves considering Ingress Protection, or IP ratings, for external equipment and careful cable containment and/or use of conduit. Typically also the system needs to be easily controlled from one central place or from multiple locations.

Once specified and installed, we will expertly calibrate every element to ensure optimal clarity, demonstrating compliance with any audio intelligibility requirements set by acoustic consultants or government legislature.

Bicester Villiage

The design and install of this huge outlet shopping village's Public Address (PA) system covered all public walkways, acres of outside space, and their multi-storey car park, delivering a visibly-unobtrusive and acoustically ideal AV fit-out.

Wireless Microphone Systems

Business Presentation Stock

From the boardroom to the stage, wireless microphones are an indispensable element of many modern audio and AV systems. Regardless of the size and complexity of the requirement, Crossover can specify the ideal wireless microphone system, and we will look after the system’s installation, calibration, and end-user training too. We can even manage your wireless licensing for you, making sure that you are compliant with current legal requirements year in, year out. With all of our wireless microphone systems, from complex setups for large live sound environments, through to a single wireless microphone for a boardroom, we will ensure that the result is a neat and easy to use system, that minimises the chance of user-error and delivers great sound where you need it.

110 Rochester Row Conference Centre Ground Floor

Wireless microphone systems from Crossover to cover a 12,000 sq ft conference space and exhibition facility in the heart of London.

Networked Audio Systems

networked audio

Our world, and the technology within it is increasingly interconnected. Many audio and AV devices can now be incorporated into an IT network for monitoring and control. Audio systems can, and often do benefit from such networking, and the world of audio and IT converge ever closer each year. This is especially the case with larger, more complex installations, where audio has to be transmitted to, and processed at a large number of different locations. In these cases, audio networking allows an almost indefinite degree of expansion and powerful routing options. Crossover’s audio networking specialists can tell you how this might benefit your new audio installation.

Hearing and Induction Loops

induction loop logo 2

Due to the Disability Discrimination Act there is now a legal responsibility for all public buildings, shops and everyday services including banks, conference rooms, hospitals, museums, theatres, and houses of worship to have facilities in place for those who suffer from hearing related problems.

With correct installation and configuration Crossover can ensure your solution is effective and compliant.

At Crossover we are experienced in providing the most effective and discrete solutions available, and we will carefully tailor the specification and design to the specifics of the premises. Typically, installed systems for the hard of hearing fall into two main types: induction loops and InfraRed systems. The former uses an installed loop of cabling which generates a signal that is picked up by most standard hearing aids; the latter is where the audio is fed into an InfraRed transmitter and the audio is picked up by special InfraRed receivers, one of which is provided to each hard-of-hearing member of the audience.


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