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‘All Hands’ or ‘Hybrid Town Hall’ meetings

A company-wide meeting may or may not involve death by Powerpoint and a rousing speech along the lines of 'you guys, we're doing really great, but please keep working your butts off'. But for modern workplaces it will probably involve cramming everyone into the most suitable communal area or canteen to host a group presentation and Q&A session whilst keeping remote workers in the loop via a live stream, webinar or videoconference link. All of this necessitates quality audio and audiovisual systems.

With the right AV systems the messages can be delivered loud and clear.

Crossover have helped many of its customers with such requirements over the last ten years. Designing and installing AV systems for large-scale auditoriums for the likes of the BBC, and heavily-used conference centres in Central London such as 110 Rochester Row and The Goldsmiths' Centre, we've delivered dazzling displays, projectors and videowalls, pristine sound systems featuring many types of microphones, and intuitive app-like control interfaces. Crossover also have plenty of experience overhauling existing spaces to support large meetings, and equipping new-build event spaces with bespoke AV systems designed from scratch to exact customer requirements.

Top tips: AV for large-scale company meetings

On these high-profile occasions the last thing people need are technical hiccups slowing down the meeting, draining everyone’s time, energy and enthusiasm. We’ve put together recommendations based on our hard-earned expertise that could help you avoid common pitfalls when you’re designing the AV for your All-Hands or Town Hall meeting space.  

If you’re thinking of investing in a professional AV setup for your company's event space, be sure to read this article before you commit your time (and money) to the project.

Groupon Event Space
Groupon's London HQ communal area which can host and broadcast a range of company events and meetings

Your (mic) feedback is important to us

Nothing screams 'we're having technical problems' like screeching mic feedback, which can be eliminated completely with correct design and operation. Part of this equation is user education – showing presenters how to best position themselves in relation to a gooseneck lectern mic, or where to hold a handheld microphone. Be wary of letting an inexperienced speaker clip on their own lapel mic! Another part of the equation is setting up the sound system so that the loudspeakers nearest to the presenters do not reinforce their vocals, which can lead to a feedback loop.

There’s a catch!

Throwable mics are a fun trend to enhance audience engagement in your Q&A session or presentation. A wireless mic and transmitter are housed inside a cushioned cube (that can be customized with your company logo and brand colours) and the mic gets thrown around the audience to the next person to speak. Cleverly the Catchbox mics feature a patented algorithm that will mute the mic as it’s thrown or dropped to prevent unwanted noises.

Catchbox mic.jpg
Catch me if you can! Throwable mics are a fun way to pass the mic during Q&A

Think about the acoustics of the space

Poor acoustics in any space will always affect the intelligibility of a presentation, no matter how good your sound system technology is! Glass walls and hard, flat surfaces are often to blame. Usually this problem can be improved using soft, absorbent surfaces or acoustic panels, ceilings and floors to ‘deaden’ reverberation and the sonic reflections which confuse a listener’s ear. Crossover can guide you on suitable acoustic solutions for your event space.

Stand and deliver

If some of the crowd will stand during in your ‘all hands’ meetings, will this have an effect on visibility of the main presentation display for people in the rear of the space? Reinforcement screens, in strategic positions, can help make sure nobody has to miss out on the all-important fine print.

Bleachers space 2.png
Pendant mounted loudspeakers are a common solution where ceilings are exposed, as in this bleachers style communal area

Look (at) who’s talking

Quite often a modern events space will be equipped with PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras, to give camera shots from different angles. There may be one camera dedicated to getting the best shot of presenters on stage or at a lectern, and another camera set up to capture the audience / staff. Having multiple audience cameras across various offices really conveys a sense of togetherness and scale for a global meet-up.

Consider simple, user-friendly controls

Meeting organisers have enough to think about when running an All Hands / Town Hall meeting, so don’t make their life difficult with audio visual technology that isn’t designed to be simple to manage. If you have a complex, flexible AV in your space, and don't have the budget to have AV event technicians on hand to support all of your events, then investing in a rock-solid modern control system means that a series of preset room use modes can be programmed and controlled from an iPad app or tablet in a really intuitive and simple way, even by non-technical staff.

Our bespoke control system for Grey London features 'one touch' presets to configure the audio system in their events space for a range of purposes
Grey videowall signage
The communal area and All Hands meeting space at Grey London - one of the world's leading advertising agencies present their message via a videowall and reinforcement screens

Enabling an event space for videoconferencing

Platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are an essential component of business communications for many companies. By integrating suitable hardware with the AV equipment in your events space, these platforms can be used as the basis for bringing the audience in your events space together with other office locations and remote workers.

Videoconferencing systems in larger spaces are inherently more complicated to get correct, and present a myriad of potential problems which can hinder the quality of a call. A lot of our clients learned the hard way before getting us involved, and we’ve designed and installed these kinds of solutions for countless firms around the UK and beyond, from Blue-Chips such as right through to the most dynamic and fast-growing tech startups, with great success.

Popular AV functionality for All Hands / Town Hall meetings

  • Large-format screen, videowall or projection system
  • Wireless microphones
  • Catch box microphone
  • Videoconferencing
  • Loudspeakers / audio system
  • HDMI input for laptops, or wireless presentation system
  • Live streaming and broadcast
  • Event recording
  • Bespoke touch panel or wireless tablet control
  • PTZ and fixed video cameras
  • Acoustic treatment
  • Lighting
110 rochester row conference
110 Rochester Row is a purpose built conference centre, with sophisticated AV throughout the venue made easy for users to control from iPad-based interfaces

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