Zoom for Events Spaces

Is your organisation increasingly using Zoom for internal and external videoconference meetings?

Did you know that Zoom Rooms can also be integrated with the AV system for an event space, so that large scale presentation spaces can join in with a Zoom meeting or webinar. Part of Zoom's elegance is the scalability of its platform, making it adaptable to many meeting requirements whilst using a familiar, intuitive interface.

Crossover have years of experience designing, supplying and installing AV systems for all kinds of conference room, 'All Hands' presentation area and events space. We are a Zoom Solution Provider who can bring the power of Zoom Rooms into an existing AV system, or deliver a whole new AV system for a presentation space with purpose-built Zoom collaboration functionality.

Zoom Rooms All Hands (Audience).jpg
Zoom Rooms for All Hands presentation space (audience perspective) - reinforcement displays ensure presentation content is visible for all attendees in larger spaces

Hardware for Zoom in an All Hands Space

With larger events spaces that can hold hundreds of people, successful Zoom meetings need a bespoke array of professional-grade AV components suited for the space and the preferred methods of presentation.

Key hardware considerations for Zoom in an events space

  • Microphones - A range of mic types allows flexibility in presentation format. Mics need to be processed and mixed before being ingested into the Zoom Rooms host PC or Mac.
  • Displays - Zoom can support up to 3 main displays, but you may also need reinforcement screens and confidence monitors.
  • Cameras - Speaker tracking and PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras capture the perfect shot of your presenters, you might opt for fixed cameras for audience views.
  • Lighting - Direct lighting will be required to ensure speakers are evenly lit. This can be an issue if you are using projection for your main displays.
  • Acoustic Treatment - The right acoustics are vitally important for speech intelligibility in the event space, as well as on the Zoom call. Installing ceiling or wall-mounted acoustic treatment can greatly improve vocal clarity.
Zoom Rooms All Hands (Presenter).jpg
Zoom Rooms for All Hands presentation space (presenter perspective) - confidence monitors mimic the main dual displays whilst presenting wirelessly from a laptop at the lectern

Larger integrated AV systems of this nature are inherently more complicated to get correct, and present a myriad of potential problems which can hinder the quality of a Zoom meeting. As well as the technical configuration, Crossover's engineers add value with meticulous installation that pays careful attention to detail, and manages cables and equipment in the neatest way possible.

A lot of our clients learned the hard way before getting us involved, and we’ve designed and installed these kinds of solutions for firms around the UK and beyond, from large multinationals such as Groupon right through to the most dynamic and fast-growing tech startups, with great success.

zoom training room.png
With remote working increasing in popularity, Zoom Rooms are a fantastic way to give your company presentation broader reach

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