Sweat by BXR is one of the UK's top boutique fitness brands. The organisation provides ‘pay-to-train’ sessions in carefully curated exercise spaces, with sound systems and bespoke effects lighting designed by Crossover for immersive and exhilarating training.

The Client

Founded at the BXR gym in London's Marylebone - the private members' gym associated with heavyweight boxing superstar Anthony Joshua - Sweat by BXR was launched in March 2017 to provide group exercise classes designed to boost cardio fitness, strength and conditioning, boxing skills and mobility. Each Sweat by BXR workout is created in collaboration with physios and elite coaches, to create well-balanced, low-impact programmes that maximise results and reduce micro-traumas and injuries.

Based on our outstanding record in providing first-class AV systems for the boutique fitness sector, Crossover were approached to provide the sound systems and bespoke effects lighting for a new standalone venture for Sweat by BXR in London’s Canary Wharf. The space features two dedicated fitness studios complemented by luxurious auxiliary areas that had been specified by leading interior design firm Bergman Interiors

Key AV features at Sweat by BXR's boutique fitness studios in Canary Wharf, as installed by Crossover:

  • High-impact Martin Audio sound systems
  • Effects lighting
  • Bespoke iPad-based control
  • Digital signage
BXR versa climbing studio
Versa Climbing - climbing to the beat for an intense cardio workout with low body impact

Versa Climbing Studio

Sweat by BXR have pioneered Europe’s first climb-focused group-exercise training session, with cutting edge VersaClimber equipment. Total-body cardio workouts are accompanied by expertly curated soundtracks designed to build intensity, deliver body-shaking beat drops and exhilarating endorphin rushes.

Alex Nicholl, MD of Sweat by BXR and master Versa instructor, came to Crossover with a unique concept for the Versa studio lighting based on a nightclub DJ show he’d seen and recorded, during which lighting strips ran across the floor and up to the DJ booth, drawing the eye in and creating a sense of motion. Alex’s idea was to flip this type of design on its head, so that climbers in the Versa studio would look up to see a dynamic lightshow racing across the ceiling above their heads, drawing the eye towards the instructor podium at the front of the room. The Crossover team realised this vision by installing 11 high-spec lighting enclosures, fanning out across the studio’s 35 Versaclimber rigs, complemented with low level, spot and UV lights. A range of lighting scenes triggered from an iPad mounted next to the instructor sets the tone and intensity for different sections of the class.

The sound system is key to the experience and has been designed for high impact. The AV setup provided injects huge energy into the space, complementing the dynamics of the class as the group climbs to the beat. 

Sweat by BXR - boxing zone
S&C studio at Sweat by BXR - strength and conditioning using exercise benches, weights and punch-bags

Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Studio

This studio is split into two sections, one for punchbags and boxing skills, the other for strength and weights-bench exercises. The fitness space offers two different classes, SweatBOX and StrengthBOX, designed to improve strength, fitness and boxing skills.

Under instruction from this innovative, London-based boutique fitness provider, Crossover created a ‘runway’ lighting effect at high level that leads participants from the entry to the studio down to the boxing zone. This was achieved by re-conditioning and re-purposing existing lighting strips that had been left by the building’s previous occupants, creating the desired lighting feature whilst saving money on the project.

The audio system is designed to complement both activity zones and allow the instructor’s vocals (delivered from a wireless headset mic) to cut through even at high volumes.  

AV for Reception and Changing Rooms

As well as kitting out the main fitness studios, Crossover also specified, supplied and installed a multi-zone background music system for the reception and changing room areas, and installed a cost-effective cloud-managed digital signage solution showing promotional material throughout the day. The staff can easily edit and schedule the signage content from any internet-connected computer. 

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Location: Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf, London
Sector: Boutique Fitness
Project: Audio systems and effects lighting
Sweat by BXR boxing
Versaclimb Sweat By Bxr
Sweat by BXR logo
Sweat by BXR - climbing