AV for London's first carbon-neutral gym

Rumble opened their first UK gym in 2019, bringing with them plenty of great ideas and concepts in the boutique fitness space, having been operating since 2014 with three existing fitness venues in Paris.

One of their most amazing innovations is the pledge to stay carbon-neutral by planting a tree for every gym session booked, and for every follow received on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Rumble approached Crossover to provide audio and AV systems for their new fitness space, based on our large portfolio of successful AV installation projects with boutique fitness clients in the UK.

We selected Crossover for the audio and video work in London of our first Rumble Gym outside of France and we've never regretted our choice. Their teams' dedication, organisation and communication has been exemplary. More importantly, the quality of their work and ability to find solutions whenever facing a new technical challenge has been simply impressive. They are known to be the reference when it comes to high-end or complex AV projects, especially for the fitness industry, and proved it once more. We will undoubtedly work with them again as we open new locations in the UK.

Lenka Chubuklieva - Director - Rumble Gym UK

rumble high level view.jpg
View over the main gym floor at Rumble, Dalston, a flexible workout space used for many activities, with a multi-zone sound system that can adapt at the touch of a button

Multizone Sound System for Gym, Spin Studio and Training Zones

The multizone sound system installed by Crossover covers the main open plan gym space, which includes zones for boxing and TRX training which can be partitioned off. Using a simple button keypad instructors can configure the sound system appropriate to how the space is partitioned and being used.

Live DJ sets are a key offering, and with the sound system installed by Crossover there are several places in the venue where a DJ can set up their decks to connect to the gym sound system.

The Rumble team also like using the Sonos App for gym music playlists, so Crossover integrated several Sonos Connect devices into the sound system, allowing the team to control the music over Wifi using their smartphone or laptop.

rumble gym signage.jpg
Welcome to Rumble, your eco-conscious gym!

Europe's first 'humming' yoga studio

Another innovative feature of Rumble Gym, London is Europe's first 'humming' yoga studio. Yoga sessions are sound-tracked with the 'Schumann resonance', which is the noise created by the electromagnetic waves circling the surface of the earth. The frequency is so low it's below the range of human hearing, but the belief is that the body relaxes at a faster rate when listening to it, and memory and balance can improve.

The calm ambience of Rumble's yoga studio - the first 'humming' yoga studio in Europe

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Client: Rumble Gym
Project: Multi-zone sound system and AV for boutique fitness venue
Location: Dalston, London
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Rumble corridor.jpg
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