EY Seren is a branch of EY, the world's largest professional services firm. Originally founded as Seren in 2003, and acquired by EY in 2015, EY Seren helps its clients achieve digital business transformation through a customer-centred approach to design.

AV for Research Labs

As part of a major relocation to EY's London HQ near Tower Bridge, 22,000 sq ft over several floors of More London Place would be fitted out by Maris Interiors, creating a new home for 370 staff from various EY Seren offices.

Crossover were engaged to deliver AV for user testing and research labs, based on our previous experience installing audiovisual systems in UX environments.

Research lab

Equipped with multiple PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras, mobile tripod-mounted cameras, ceiling-tile microphones, and video input points, the research lab allows researchers to conduct a range of user experience tests, interviews and group discussions.

Observation lab

Researchers in the observation room watch and listen to the activities in the research lab over loudspeakers and multiple screens, selecting a desired layout of camera views and test device images from a bespoke touch panel interface. Camera angles and audio levels can be changed on the fly from the user interface, or 'set-ups' can be recalled from a standard menu, or created and saved per user, specific to given activities taking place in the labs.

EY Seren observation room.PNG
Observation room - analysing and recording the research in the labs, from a multitude of cameras and research input sources

The AV Solutions

Bespoke Control Interface

All AV is controlled from a powerful bespoke iPad based control system with EY Seren branding. As consultants who specialise in user interactions, this is one GUI that Crossover had to get exactly right!

GUI with blank at bottom.PNG
A stylish bespoke control interface allows researchers to choose a multi-view layout for cameras and test input sources

Networked Video Distribution - ZeeVee

A sophisticated multi-view video solution based on ZeeVee network video distribution allows cameras, presentation material and test devices to be arranged in presets (pre-defined 'set ups') determined by research activity or user-defined configurations that are saved to the system.

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