You can't experience this anywhere else; Sandbox VR’s original worlds are meant to be experienced together with others. Whether it's a journey to space or surviving a zombie ambush, there's something about a thrilling Sandbox VR experience that transforms your relationships in this ultra-fun competitive socialising game.

The concept is inspired by Star-Treks Holodeck and lets groups of up to 6 become fully immersed in different worlds. Described by customers as ‘mind-blowing’ and ‘the greatest VR experience they have ever had! A world-class attraction like Sandbox VR needed both the right specification and the right AV integrator for the job due to its heavy reliance on audiovisual solutions.

Holodeck area

The Brief

Located across three floors in the iconic “Post Building” in London's Covent Garden, this former Royal Mail Sorting Centre had previously sat derelict for 20 years.

The Post Building won a RIBA Award in 2022 and is a visually striking building with huge glass windows and steels. The space that the building offered Sandbox was perfect, but the challenges around the fabric of the building further complicated the design of the digital solutions and acoustics of the installation.

Sandbox approached Crossover to fit out their three floors with the right products to maximise the VR experience but also asked them to consider the challenges around the acoustics and structure of the building.

The Solution

Crossover specified several different audio-visual solutions for this unique space. The client had highlighted a need for digital signage to drive pavement appeal and allow them to quickly change and schedule information and promotions to their audience.

The corporate audience is a focus market for Sandbox, and a key area within the building was a corporate space where events and presentations could be held.

The final solution combined diverse audio and visual elements that dramatically enhanced the visitor experience throughout this dynamic and thrilling space.

Digital Signage


The Holodecks are the main area for VR participation. Sandbox has four Holodecks which are split over the two lower floors. Each area now houses a wall-mounted large-format display that provides information to the team about the room and mission that has been chosen.

Post Experience reviewing area

At the end of the adventure, there is an area where participants can enjoy a refreshment and watch their competitive socialising experience on a 65” large format display custom mounted by the Crossover team.

Post Experience reviewing area

Mezzanine Presentation Area

Sandbox wanted the mezzanine level of the venue to serve as a multifunctional events space, partly so that there would be an area which could be hired out exclusively by larger groups to extend their stay within the venue and have team-building events, and all-hands meetings. Part of that vision was to be able to do more standard AV-enabled presentations from laptops onto a large projection screen, for which Crossover spec’d and installed an ultra-short throw projector and audio system.

Multi-zone Audio Systems

The venue is extremely acoustically reverberant, with the vast majority of surfaces in this futuristic-industrial-styled environment being hard and reflective. To exacerbate the problem, the holodeck, where customers are often screeching with excitement and adrenaline, are not closed to the ceiling slab. Sandbox also wanted all areas of the venue to feel immersive and invigorating, and lively, even when there were fewer customers, which meant a great, warm, rich background audio system was important too. So Crossover had to work hard and expertly to manage the acoustics within the venue as a whole. This involved careful selection of loudspeakers, clever audio zoning, and above all, a great deal of acoustic treatment. The acoustic panels that were specified and installed were chosen carefully for their aesthetics as well as their Class A absorptive performance and installed in ways so as to enhance the overall ‘industrial’ feel of the interior design

Multi-zone Audio Systems

The Results

Crossover is incredibly proud to have contributed to this highly successful project that the team at The Nudge quoted as being “Bloody amazing"! Creating such an innovative and unique venue in the heart of London has really showcased the technical abilities of the Crossover team. Sandbox has a growth strategy within the UK, and discussions are already well underway with the client about future venues. Having delivered the first project within both financial and time budgets, Crossover is looking forward to its next project with the Sandbox team:-

"Crossover did an amazing job deploying our AV requirements into the first Sandbox VR venue in Europe. We are now using them for our Birmingham site. Highly recommend." Jake Wilmot-Sitwell Co-Founder at VR Entertainment Group // Sandbox VR (UK & Ireland)

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