You may already have an AV system in place. But if it’s been in situ for a number of years and hasn’t been revised or upgraded at all since it was first installed, it may not be meeting your expectations.  

At Crossover, we provide tailored AV upgrades that can be deployed to modernise your system and bring it up to date, ensuring the very best experience for your customers or staff. 

blockchain the vault
Blockchain's boardroom was upgraded by Crossover with acoustic treatment and improved signal processing, vastly improving the quality of videoconference calls

Are you making the most of cutting edge AV solutions within your organisation?

Even if your AV system was considered to be top-of-the-range when it was originally installed, technology has improved considerably over the last few years – and this has led to the development of software and hardware with incredible capabilities and an impressive array of features.

These modern commercial AV systems are designed to be extremely user-friendly and easy to start; if your setup is neither of these things - and you feel your system is hindering your business instead of supporting it - it could be time to invest in an upgrade. 

Our engineers can advise on all manner of audiovisual upgrades, from minor improvements to complete system overhauls. The level of service you require from us will depend entirely on the functionality you’re going to need from your upgrade, and how much you’re willing to invest in your new equipment. Together, we can explore your requirements in more detail to develop a plan of action that’s designed to future-proof your audiovisual setup and encourage a faster, slicker way of working.

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Wireless presentation systems are a popular modern addition to meeting and boardrooms, taking away an unsightly clutter of cables on the table

Upgrades designed to meet your specific requirements

Many of our customers request an AV upgrade because their requirements have changed in recent times, and they feel that their existing system no longer meets their needs. After assessing the limitations of your current AV system and listening closely to your concerns, our engineers will then supply you with a list of tailored suggestions that will bring your AV installation back up to speed as cost-effectively as possible.

Don’t put up with a dated AV system that’s failing to fulfil its purpose. Trust Crossover to deliver an upgraded audiovisual setup that’s fast, responsive and much more reliable than your current system. 

Barrys Boot camp
5 years after the original Bose sound system installation, Barry's Bootcamp, Central London benefits from enhanced sound in virtue of an advanced audio signal processing upgrade

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