Microsoft Surface Hub

The Microsoft Surface Hub, released in 2015, is an interactive digital whiteboard and videoconferencing solution tailored for businesses and dedicated to unlocking the ‘power of the group’ both locally and remotely. Its touch screen (available in 55” or a huge 84”), slim profile, impressive back-end hardware and custom version of Windows 10 OS provide powerful collaboration options for a range of meeting rooms, boardrooms and collaboration spaces.

The large format touch screen is highly responsive to both pen use and finger touch, similar to that of a smartphone or tablet device; making it incredibly easy to navigate, draw and edit during a meeting or interactive brainstorming session. Each Hub comes with two pressure sensitive interactive pens that allow users to write, draw, capture, select and erase content on screen. An attached wireless charging dock holds the pens when they are not in use.

Microsoft Surface Hub
The Microsoft Surface Hub: 100-point multi-touch

Tech Notes

Both models of the Microsoft Surface Hub are flanked by Full HD, 30FPS video cameras integrated with a directional microphone array that rejects unwanted noise and focuses on the speaker in the room, prompting the Hub as to which camera to use. Thus the Hub makes an excellent all-in-one solution for videoconferencing.

Additionally, the cameras and microphones act as occupancy sensors (along with ambient light sensors) that will automatically power save or power-on depending on room usage.

Videoconferencing is made simple with an integrated Skype for Business sidebar, perfect for launching scheduled or ad-hoc VC calls, as well as content and screen sharing. Once a session ends, users can easily save and send content automatically to the group.  

The Hub is also designed to integrate with existing conference room infrastructure, making it easier to deploy in a wide array of existing spaces. Inputs like HDMI, Bluetooth, USB 2.0/3.0 and near-field communication (NFC), make it easy to connect and share with devices and peripherals that your business already uses.

Microsoft surface hub collaboration
Trolley-mounted Surface Hubs for flexible meeting spaces


An important consideration with the installation of the Microsoft Surface Hub is the weight and size of the unit. The 84" version weighs in at a whopping 127kg, so access routes and mounting options need to be thoroughly considered. The unit can be floor mounted where there is any doubt about the strength of the meeting room walls to support the installation. 

Microsoft Surface Hub version 2

Microsoft's second generation of Surface Hub supports 4K resolutions, and is designed to be sleeker and more agile. The 2nd Gen panels can also be tiled, multiplying the potential for group interaction and creativity.

Crossover supply and install the Microsoft Surface Hub, plus a host of other interactive whiteboards and videoconferencing solutions for boardrooms and meeting rooms. We'd be delighted to hear about your business needs and give you the best advice on solutions that will deliver return on investment and enhance your workflow and collaboration experience.

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 Surface Hub
microsoft surface hub

If you have a business with local and remote collaboration needs, Microsoft's Surface Hub provides unparalleled digital whiteboarding and video conferencing capabilities. But you'd better have a large budget.