In 2015 Samsung entered the interactive whiteboard market with the launch of their interactive E-board solution aimed to challenge market leaders SMART and newcomers in the market Microsoft with their Surface Hub Pro. All these solutions are aimed to make the meeting room or the classroom a more productive, modern environment for constructive collaboration and immersive information-sharing. 

Samsung's E-board is a standalone, ready-to-use and all in one solution designed to allow users to present content and, using its multi-point touchscreen and built-in computer system, annotate using a finger or stylus or navigate using gestural controls. The E-board also allows users to web-search, save directly onto the device (with 8GB internal storage) and to download additional applications without needing to connect an external PC. The E-board runs a proprietary OS and content sharing applications. 

Its thoughtful design promotes efficiency with dedicated hot keys on the front of the display, a pen tray and front panel input connections such as HDMI and USB.

For a more detailed demonstration for the whiteboard in action, watch the video below.

Easy Content Sharing

To eliminate the need for an external device, Samsung have included content sharing through a few mediums, giving every user a simple and flexible solution to present, share and create new ideas:

The AirScreen application installed on a laptop/phone/tablet, allows display mirroring with the interactive display. Users can then interact with content on screen, save and share wirelessly with other connected devices. However, unlike some SMART and other wireless content sharing solutions the Samsung BR series doesn’t allow split screen with devices, but will allow 4 connections at once that can be switched easily.

Alternatively, you can upload files directly to the e-display (images, documents, audio & video) and annotate over the top using a finger or stylus, or navigate using gestural controls. 

Available in three sizes, 65", 75", 82". Suitable for any meeting or boardroom application.
Samsung screen sizes
Connectivity and Compatibility

On top of this, the E-board has plenty of wired and easy to access connections to upload and share content. With 3 x HDMI’s, 3.5mm mini jack, 4 x USB 2.0, D-Sub, DVI-D, Display port.

The E-board is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, including phones and tablets and is compatible with various widely used file formats. 

Document - PDF, Microsoft Office/PowerPoint, etc. 

Image - 32-bit, 24 bit JPEG, PNG & BMP. 

Video - H.264 codec and it's various containers such as, MPEG, Quicktime (.MOV) & Flash .(F4V)

In addition to the versatile connectivity the E-board implements an auto-switching function which eliminates the headache of needing to switch sources and simplifying multi device setup.