Digme Fitness have teamed up with fellow boutique fitness provider Barrecore to open a luxurious new venue in the heart of the City of London. This collaboration of two high-end fitness operators under the same roof represents a unique proposition in the gym and leisure space, creating a venue that is set to thrive with the growing trend for healthier lifestyles and engaging, enjoyable alternatives to pounding the treadmill and weights bench.

The Digme spin studio at the Moorgate location has been given the full ‘Digme treatment’ by Crossover for the ultimate indoor cycling experience. This includes a high-end Martin Audio sound system with wireless headset microphones, fine-tuned so that class instructors are heard loud and clear. Subwoofers (also by Martin Audio) provide a full impact, energising sound. Sophisticated lighting displays add energy and movement in the spin studioelegantly controlled by the spin class instructor from an iPad operating a user-friendly interface giving them access to a wide range of presets including dazzling arrays that work in time with the music, and subtle ‘candlelight’ effects for more meditative ‘recovery’ sections of the class.

Big screens either side of the instructor give cyclists live real-time performance data in visually captivating ways, encouraging class members to get the most from their workout. Visuals range from a stats-based leaderboard tracking heart-rate, power, speed, distance and burned calories, to a virtual cycle race running through countryside scenery or even through deep space!

For the new co-habitation venture Crossover equipped two studios for partner Barrecore, to enable all levels of barre fitness classes to sound great, day-in day-out. Class instructors wear wireless headset ‘Britney’ microphones by manufacturer Shure, leaving them hands-free to demonstrate and provide expert tuition.

This venture is the third Digme venue for which the AV and lighting systems have been designed and delivered exclusively by Crossover. The partnership between the two companies means that each new venue benefits from design refinements that further improve the experience for class members, and to help class instructors to get the best from the sound and lighting systems with minimal fuss. Crossover are delighted to have played such a significant role in the flourishing of the Digme brand and are in no doubt that this luxurious, yet affordable, new venue will prove to be immensely popular with City workers and fitness enthusiasts.  

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Digme launch unique boutique fitness co-habitation venue in the City of London
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