Digme Fitness offer world class indoor cycling at their superbly modern Richmond venue. The Digme team have gone all out to provide amazing facilities for a studio cycling workout experience, including a top quality audio system and spectacular lighting displays. Following a very rigorous supplier selection process, Crossover was chosen to deliver these two key elements of the experience, based upon our bespoke design work, portfolio, and the positive feedback gathered from our previous clients. 

Each spin class begins to the sound of a thumping heartbeat, gradually increasing in volume over the immersive main sound system to build anticipation and get the adrenaline flowing. As the music kicks in, the spin class instructor's voice is heard loud and clear over wireless headset microphones (which are sweat-resistant in design, for good reason), motivating the class through the workout. 

In the midst of an intense sensory experience, cyclists immerse themselves in the moment.

At the heart of the audio system a sophisticated DSP (Digital Signal Processing) unit intelligently (and automatically) mixes the instructor's voice over the music. The sound is sculpted to suit the room exactly, and with dedicated feedback suppressors afford the freedom to push the sound system to loud volumes without causing problems for the microphone signal. The audio system is capable of powerful bass provided by subwoofers that are sat on vibration reducing pads to reduce noise transmission to the rest of the building. 

Vibrant lighting strips around the studio steps and across the ceiling flash in an array of colours in perfect synchronization, as the music pumps out the beat, at a nightclub-style level of volume. 

digme team activity lights
Lighting the spin studio in 'team mode' - using the studio lights to split the riders into competing teams.

Crossover custom-programmed the lighting system to Digme's specifications so that using an intuitive touch panel the class instructor can easily choose a range of lighting presets to suit the pace of the class, and even use the lighting system to divide the class into colour-coordinated zones for team activities. 

Cyclists are kept informed of their performance via a sophisticated data system,  tracking stats in real time on two large Full HD display screens, which also show a virtual road for cyclists to follow. 

Crossover are very proud to contribute to such a quality facility, and delighted to have been chosen by Digme to deliver the AV and lighting systems for their second venue in Oxford. 

Location: Richmond, London
Sector: Leisure and Fitness
Digme logo
Lighting and sound for perhaps the best in London’s premier fitness studio environments
digme bikes n lights red
"Crossover sold themselves on the attention to detail, so my expectations were high. You’ve delivered on that, so well done."