The Client

Starling Bank are playing a leading part of a new wave of emerging financial technology (FinTech) companies taking on the traditional banks and offering faster, more fluid money management and financial services.

With no traditional branches, Starling build their services around a user-friendly app that provides instant feedback on spending, real-time app notifications and the capacity to deliver quick reports on your spending habits. Another key advantage is that there are no fees when using the Starling debit card overseas, with no charges added for using ATMs on your holidays and exchange rates set as per MasterCard’s globally accepted rate.

Starling Bank have achieved certain milestones ahead of the digital-only banking competition, including launching a dynamic, fully-functioning current account built from scratch, supporting Apple Pay and receiving a full banking license from the Financial Conduct Authority.

Starling Bank Logo Client - APP

A responsive customer service team can also be contacted in-app, should any unexpected incidents or problems arise, helping users feel fully supported and secure.

If you lose your debit card it’s simple to render that card inactive through the app, saving the time, panic and frustration that normally accompanies such misfortune. And should you find the card again it can be reactivated at the touch of a button on the app.

Starling Bank Logo Client - APP
The Site

For Starling Bank’s new premises just off Finsbury Square Crossover were engaged to provide a range of AV solutions for their offices. The corporate presentation systems designed and installed by Crossover will ensure that Starling Bank’s teams of technologists, designers and money experts can enjoy high-quality meetings, presentations and effective distribution of information. 

The AV Systems

The corporate AV systems installed at Starling Bank included the following;  

Videowall – A 2x2 videowall array made up of Full HD screens with thin bezels provides a large-scale display solution, neatly controlled from a simple keypad on the wall. The videowall can display images from a Freeview box, a local HDMI input or be switched to 4x Raspberry Pis (one per screen) neatly installed behind the videowall.

Projection system – A professional-grade yet cost-effective projection system featuring a Full HD 1080p projector and electric projection screen is controlled from a simple keypad on the wall. This was accompanied by two discreet ceiling speakers to provide an effective audio solution. 

Quad display signage screens – 7x ‘Quad display’ signage solutions are ceiling-mounted in specific locations around the office, each with 4x Full HD displays mounted from a single pole, side-by-side and back-to-back. Each screen is fed from a dedicated Raspberry Pi. The quad arrays are automated to power on and off around office hours for easy operation.

starling bank app and card
Sector: Banking
Site: Finsbury Square
Project: Audiovisual systems for boardrooms, meeting rooms, open plan office and events space
starling bank app and card