AV for Corporate Offices and Boardrooms

Alvarium Investments, known as Alvarium, has 220 employees and 28 partners globally, working across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Crossover began a long-standing relationship with Alvarium (formerly LJ Partnership) after providing audiovisual and videoconferencing for the boardroom at their previous offices.

When Alvarium (at the time still LJ Partnership) relocated those offices to new premises in Central London, Crossover were brought in to transfer those AV systems into the new boardroom, and to equip additional meeting rooms with presentation and videoconferencing, all neatly controlled from iPads running a bespoke, branded user interface.

Alvarium's new offices were fitted out to very high standards, meaning the aesthetics of the AV installation were very carefully tailored to suit, as befits the new location close to Saville Row.

Alvarium boardroom.jpg
Alvarium's boardroom features Poly ceiling mics, videoconferencing and AV controlled from a custom-branded touch panel

Tech Specs - AV for meeting rooms and boardroom

With each of the different meeting room AV upgrade projects undertaken, Alvarium aimed to achieve high-quality presentation and videoconferencing, coupled with ease-of use and flexibility to use a range of videoconferencing platforms such as Teams and Zoom.

Also important was integration of the room AV with their VoIP telephone system, so that clients and partners could simply phone the meeting room for audio conferencing.

Boardroom Upgrades - key equipment utilised

  • 85" Sony display
  • Shure table-mounted omnidirectional microphones
  • QSC PTZ camera
  • QSC table top touch screen control panel
  • QSYS audio processing
  • ClickShare wireless presentation
  • Evoko Liso room booking panel
Alvarium reception.PNG
Part of the luxuriously designed reception at Alvarium, leading to the boardroom and meeting rooms, featuring Evoko Liso room booking panels

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Sector: Corporate Offices and Boardrooms
Location: London