Barco’s popular ClickShare range of wireless presentation systems have been a consistently popular feature of Crossover's professional audiovisual and videoconferencing installation projects for many years. Contact us today to discuss the new ClickShare Conference range or ClickShare wireless presentation for your meeting room, boardroom or event space in London and across the UK.

Enjoy the the ease of wirelessly connecting to the meeting room AV system in seconds, and running presentations and videoconference calls from your own laptop

ClickShare Conference (CX Range)

ClickShare Conference is designed to enable a laptop to wirelessly connect to a meeting room's large-format display screen and wide-angle videoconferencing camera, microphone and loudspeakers.

Software-based VC platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams make it very simple to join a video call from a laptop, but for a group situation a laptop's built-in hardware is not ideal, as it's usually designed to effectively capture the individual using the laptop only. ClickShare Conference uses a USB-C dongle to give your software-conferencing platform, whether it's Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype, wireless access to superior hardware in the meeting room that is suited to group meetings. This might include ceiling-tile microphones that pick-up audio specifically around the meeting table, or Full HD cameras with wide-angle shots of the whole room.

The range boasts enhanced digital security with ISO 27001 standards certification.

ClickShare Conference -remote 2.jpg
Simple wireless connection to the display and VC-soundbar in this meeting room, with the connected laptop on a videoconference call

Triple Agnostic

There are three models in the ClickShare Conference range, roughly aligned to different sizes of meeting room - from huddle space to boardroom to event space. Compare the feature sets here.

All the ClickShare Conference models are designed to be 'triple agnostic' meaning they are compatible with your choice of laptop,your choice of VC platform and your meeting room's AV peripherals.

A list of tried and tested (and therefore supported) AV peripherals is available on the Barco website here. This includes most of the usual suspects of USB-based conferencing devices: Logitech, Huddly, Jabra, Poly, Shure, Sennheiser, Yamaha.

If you wish to use a VC peripheral device that isn't on the list it may still work, but best to run a trial first.

There are, however, some known limitations..

At the time of writing ClickShare Conference does not support the following:

  • Multiples of the core VC devices (i.e. more than one VC camera, multiple separate mics)
  • Distinct microphone and speakers (i.e. you have to use a device that presents itself over USB as a combined speaker / mic unit, such as a VC-soundbar)
  • USB 3.0 devices

It's a ClickShare dongle Jim, but not as we know it

The new USB-C dongles for the CX range look very similar to the traditional ClickShare 'button', with a couple of noticeable tweaks.

  1. The addition of a second, smaller button - the 'Quick button' - specifically for 'Team Collaboration Features'
  2. The illuminated LED ring around the main button can light up as a progress status bar
ClickShare Conference Button montage.PNG
The new USB-C button for the ClickShare Conference range is an update of the classic ClickShare dongle design

Other cool stuff

Found yourself struggling to read the small print on the meeting presentation? ClickShare Conference supports 'local view of the main display', meaning individuals can wirelessly copy the main screen onto their device, for easier viewing. You can do this either with the 'Quick button' on the dongle, or by using the ClickShare Collaboration App.

As with other recent ClickShare devices, the Conference systems can be seamlessly integrated into your network.

Managing a host of ClickShare units across the business is possible from the XMS Cloud management platform, designed for IT Managers and Administrators to quickly overview key information on all units and intervene if necessary.

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