June 2021

Crossover visit TIG’s Crestron Experience Space in Central London to trial the latest videoconferencing and meeting room technology, find out about upcoming product releases with Regional Sales Manager Courtney Hercules and get heavily technical with Crestron’s UK Solutions Architect Craig Chester.

Based near Bank in London, the Crestron Experience Space by TIG showcases a range of technologies for both commercial and residential AV systems. For business professionals and corporate meeting spaces, Crestron’s extensive range covers videoconferencing and collaboration, from a single desk up to a large boardroom, event space or auditorium.

A tour of the facility can be booked for potential Crestron end-users too, making it a fantastic resource for testing out Crestron’s products, getting ‘hands on’ with the kit and having any product questions answered directly by the Crestron team.

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The latest Crestron meeting and collaboration hardware is on display at TIG's Crestron Experience Space in Central London, which can be toured by end-users as well as Crestron partners and integrators

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The Crestron range is adaptable to any size of meeting space - from an individual desk or huddle space, up to large meeting rooms and auditoria. The systems can also be configured to operate natively with Teams or Zoom (so the end-user is presented with the familiar Teams or Zoom user interface) or configured for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) operation - so that any software-based videoconferencing or collaboration platform can take advantage of the high-quality sound, microphones and video camera in the meeting area.

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Crestron Flex

Crestron Flex is a product range that Crossover have successfully installed with many clients over the last year, providing an excellent hardware system to support a native Teams or Zoom room environment.

This extensive range for communication and collaboration, is suited for any size of meeting room or event space. The C-systems (customizable) range can be integrated with a bespoke audio system, and any PTZ camera, for flexibility and scalability.

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Crestron's range provides Microsoft Teams Rooms, with the intuitive, one-touch join meeting capability of Teams from a familiar user interface.

XiO Cloud

To monitor, deploy and manage Crestron products across facilities, locally and globally, all from a Cloud-based dashboard. Accumulate usage data across the estate. Check occupancy, view online devices, survey any rooms with errors or alerts. Updating products with firmware revisions can be scheduled and managed to keep devices up to date. Remotely operate meeting room touch panels to provide remote meeting room support.

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Contact us here to discuss AV and videoconferencing solutions for your office, boardroom or meeting space, or to arrange a personal tour of TIG's Crestron Experience Space.