The Client and the Site 

Crossover's recent refurbishment of the Lamborghini showroom in Pangbourne involved the transformation of the space into one that matches the impeccable design of the cars it holds, which naturally includes superb-quality AV systems in both aesthetics and functionality.

The Brief 

Having successfully completed high quality audio visual system installations in two Ferrari showrooms in London, as well as a Rolls Royce showroom in Berkeley Square, Crossover were asked to provide a similar AV environment for the refurbished Lamborghini showroom at Pangbourne. As such, the key brief for audio and AV included a high-end background music system, large format elegantly-recessed LED-backlit LCD screen, as well a variety of AV sources displayable on the screen and playable in various audio zones throughout the large showroom.

The Solution 

The 55” professional LCD display from Samsung was installed in the showroom’s Client Lounge along with a set of high-quality in-ceiling speakers from Speakercraft. This display is used to serve audiovisual presentations to clients, as well as to show fully customisable 3D models of the cars. Despite the fact that the entire Client Lounge was essentially a pre-fabricated room that was produced in parts in Italy and merely constructed on site, Crossover were able to coordinate all elements with the interior designer and contractors so that the audio visual installation would integrate seamlessly within the room, without so much as a single cable being visible upon completion or any need for re-jigging or adjustments on site. 

The rest of the showroom was fitted with a high quality Bose background multi-zone audio system, which covered the showroom area, and all secondary other public spaces on the periphery of the main showroom. This audio system was delivered a warm and full sound, evenly dispersed across all of every audio zone. The audio system is split into multiple zones, each of which has a choice of its own music volume level, and a choice of multiple audio sources, giving the showroom staff the ability to exactly adjust their local environment to the specific settings that are perfect for that time of that day.

Sector: Retail and Showrooms
Location: Pangbourne

Another high-quality AV installation from Crossover. Great team, Thanks

T. Kearns, Divisional Director, HR Owen