The Brief 

  • To design and install an audio system that would be suitable for both background music and for use during parties at the showroom.
  • The visible elements of the audiovisual system to meet the site's exceptionally high aesthetic standards.
  • The installation to be closely coordinated with all other parties involved in the complete refurbishment of the premises.
  • The system to interface with the client's existing audiovisual equipment.
  • The 'back-end' equipment to be installed in a custom-made storage unit that matched the aesthetics of the rest of the site.
  • To offer a number of options to the client for the system's loudspeakers and videoconferencing solutions.

Functionality Overview

  • Four audio zones; volume and audio source control in each (via wall-mounted controls)
  • Audio & videoconferencing solutions
  • Easily recalled preset 'scenes' for commonly used combinations
  • Integration of system into wireless projector
  • Combination of in-ceiling and surface-mounted loudspeakers
  • Wireless microphone system

Project Highlights 

Working within the client's extremely tight schedule, and leaving the client extremely satisfied, having delivered on time and within budget.

KI Photo 1

KI Photo 3

Client: KI
Industry: Furniture
Location: London

Dealing with Crossover was an absolute delight from start to finish. The installation team were tidy and polite, the system looks and sounds fantastic and the project was completed exceptionally quickly, on time, and on budget. I will happily recommend your company to anyone who had similar needs.

Pierre Fourie, IT Manager