Introduction - The Client

As a fast-paced investment company with advanced sector knowledge HgCapital rely on efficient communications and effective collaboration with a range of important partners and international offices. 

Meetings and presentations, incorporating digital content sharing, visual information displays, videoconferencing and audio conferencing, need to run smoothly, in high quality, with minimum complications. 

At the heart of HgCapital's London offices are AV systems designed, installed and supported by Crossover. 

The Site

HgCapital's UK office is situated right by the riverside with fantastic views overlooking the Thames and Tower Bridge. 

For an office environment that exudes professionalism and a business that stays on top of current developments and technologies, audiovisual and audio systems are required to meet exacting standards of quality and reliability. 

Crossover have been engaged by HgCapital on multiple occasions to deliver audiovisual and communications systems that meet their demands as a major investment business.  

Audiovisual and Audio Systems

Some of the highlights of our recent project work with HgCapital include:

Bespoke iPad AV control - Rooms equipped with an iPad running an elegant, custom-branded application designed by Crossover to control all AV systems, make it easy, even for non-technical staff, to control all the AV in the space. 

The iPad control app offers the following functions:

  • One-touch system start up
  • One-touch system shut down
  • Full control of the videoconferencing and audio conferencing systems, including conference dialling, and control of the key features of the video conferencing system
  • Control of video routing, choosing which input signals are displayed where
  • Control of the audio systems (room volume, mute etc.)
  • Control of microphones (level, mute)

Flexible meeting space - A large boardroom can be partitioned into two smaller rooms, with the AV and audio systems intelligently and automatically adjusting to be appropriate to the current room configuration.

Wireless content sharing - HgCapital take advantage of a streamlined and user-friendly wireless content sharing system delivered by Crossover to help meetings and presentations run smoothly. A simple 'button' connects via USB to any laptop, Mac or Windows, and without any further hassle (e.g. installing any software driver) the audio and video appear on the main display screen and sound system.

95" Full HD display screen - Pride of place in the main boardroom, a Full HD 95" professional-grade LED screen provides the focal point for meetings, videoconferences and presentations. 

Videoconferencing - A high-end videoconferencing system enables HgCapital to hold effective meetings with their Munich office, and other key partners.

Wireless microphone systems and ceiling microphone arrays - The flexibility of an advanced wireless microphone system in conjunction with ceiling microphone arrays allows HgCapital to cover all meeting participants on a videoconference or audio conference call, wherever they are positioned, with no unsightly cabling.

Digital Signage - For the reception area.

Webcam - As HgCapital found an increasing need for PC-based videoconferencing, Crossover installed a Full HD PTZ (Point Tilt Zoom) webcam, providing a high-quality experience with platforms such as Skype for Business.

Support and Maintenance

Crossover are proud to provide an ongoing AV technical support, service and preventative maintenance service for HgCapital. Having taken advantage of our first year's full support warranty cover that's included as standard with all our projects, HgCapital then decided to engage Crossover in a formal AV Support contract with fixed service level agreements, having been so impressed to date with the high quality of the AV systems delivered, and the excellent standard of our ongoing service. 

With our AV Support contracts, responsive technical support is on hand with knowledgeable Crossover technicians able to troubleshoot and resolve issues promptly; regular scheduled preventative maintenance visits ensure the longevity and ongoing health of HgCapital's audiovisual, audio and videoconferencing infrastructure.

Read more about our work in Offices and Boardrooms

Have a look at our some of our recent projects and please do contact us and we will gladly discuss your requirements. 

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Client: HgCapital
Sector: Corporate
Location: More Riverside London
Bespoke designed user interface gives 'App'-like control of all the AV Systems from an iPad
HgCapital iPad app